Equal resources must be devoted to victimized campus groups

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I — like Chancellor Carol Christ and Vice Chancellor Oscar Dubón Jr. — am a staunch supporter of free speech and honor the university’s commitment to this constitutional right.

I wish to suggest, however, as the university moves forward, that administrators devote an equal commitment of time, money and energy to the promotion of social justice and the advancement of the claims of those who are most marginalized and oppressed by white supremacist/xenophobic/sexist/racist speech.

I suggest the following concrete acts:

Given that $800,000 was spent on security for Milo Yiannopoulos on Sunday, Sep. 24, 2017, the university should make an announcement regarding how it will dispense a commensurate $800,000 in support of marginalized members of our community — people of color, recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, members of the LGBTQ+ community, the disabled, those of differing religious affiliations and others, i.e. those who are most directly targeted by provocateurs such as Yiannopoulos.

There should be public announcement of and reflection upon the administration’s decision-making processes that led to permission for extensive, multiple-day, centrally located hate speech events occurring on campus without a prior, robust public response plan in place that would evidence UC Berkeley’s consciousness and commitment to social justice values and the protection of its own community members.

There should be development of a university free speech policy that respects the right to express all viewpoints without privileging (through time, money, energy and attention) hate speech over other speech.

Jessica Carr is a doctoral student in human development and education at UC Berkeley.

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  • BlackConservative

    I would honestly say that Conservatives are “marginalized members” at Berkeley and I’m serious.

  • Man with Axe

    I find it hard to understand how these “victimized groups” or “marginalized groups” are either victimized or marginalized. Everyone thinks about them all the time. They are front and center in every discussion about anything. They get more resources from the university than anyone else. They are the only ones allowed to describe with impunity others, i.e., white, straight, males in the most insulting of terms.

    And now that their Antifa champions have caused the university to spend a fortune protecting conservatives from violent protest you think the university owes these never-satisfied groups even more resources. Having centers and (Blank) Studies Programs is not enough?

    • zzz

      It would help the author if she would supply the readership with the amounts already spent on identitarian self-help degrees and programs.

      If she feels that she is getting short changed because of the costs associated with her co-leftists violence she should take it up with antifa or BAMN.

  • zzz

    I’m upset and someone owes me something.

  • jeyhovah

    The only reason there was a need for $800k in security is because these so-called “marginalized” groups were trying to marginalize another group of people. I honestly can’t get my head around how the far left thinks. I don’t agree with a single word that Milo says or stands for. I abhor the alt-right. But the sense of entitlement expressed in the sentiment of the author and so many that agree with this column is glaring. You didn’t have to go protest Milo and threaten violence. The black bloc doesn’t have to come riot in or around Berkeley. I understand the anger you feel towards him, but to somehow blame Milo (or the repugnant Berkeley Patriots) for the fact that the left can’t police itself is absurd. Every column about this starts off with, “I believe in free speech…but certain types of speech aren’t allowed and they happen to be things I disagree with.” It’s the left’s version of the alt-right’s, “I’m not a Nazi….but everything I agree with is the values of a Nazi.” It’s astonishing. If you want to be progressive, you have to think inclusively. Like the ACLU. They probably don’t like defending certain groups or types of behavior, but if someone’s civil liberties are being take away from them, they will defend them. Why is this missing from the dialogue at Berkeley?

    • Bob

      Very well said.

  • lspanker

    The race/ethnicity/gender shakedown racket rolls on as usual…

    • Marginalized groups on campus are being targeted by the alt-right. They need support now more than ever.

      • lspanker

        More nonsense from the usual suspect.

    • zzz

      I believe the technical term is Mau Mauing.