Weird clothes for weird Berkeley weather

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We at the Clog know how weird the weather’s been lately, 50 degrees in the morning and eighty by midday. Well, we’d like to help you out with the resulting clothing conundrum. After all, if you give UC Berkeley students weird weather, we’ll give you weird clothes to go with it.

Lace T-shirts

It gives you the illusion of being prepared for the morning chills while having the capacity to help you not seat your ass off in Dwinelle Hall.

Detachable jeans

This is the ultimate weird weather hack. Wear the long pants in the morning or at night when it gets cold. When the hottest parts of the afternoon come along, detach the bottom parts and convert those pants to shorts.

UGG sandals

Possibly the ugliest sandals ever. Nevertheless, the open-toe design allows you to keep your feet cool when it’s hot and it’s insulated enough to keep your feet warm during the cooler hours of day.

Plastic jeans

They’ll keep you warmer than shorts, but cooler than pants. Sounds like a win-win for days with questionable temperate consistency.

Wearable sleeping bag

There’s a dual purpose for this one. It’s great because it makes it easier to fall asleep in class and it “keeps you super warm in the cold months, whether you are sleeping or walking around.”

Air-conditioned pants

Make your friends envious with this battery-powered, hot-ticket item. This’ll definitely keep you cool while walking in-between classes.

Suspender sweatpants

The only things that save these pants fashion wise is that they’re part of Rihanna’s collection. Besides that, the suspender portion will keep you cool in the afternoon, but toasty in the morning.

Throughout this cycle of unusual weather, we at the Clog hope you can keep yourself comfortable. Whether you deal with temperature oscillations by wearing plastic jeans or a wearable sleeping bag, make sure to be prepared for whatever the forecast predicts. 

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