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Oct. 9 is Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and to commemorate this, we at the Weekender have two features by staff writers Alex Jiménez and Anna Ho this week. Alex turns our attention to the Native American Theme Program, and Anna looks into the history of UC Berkeley admission rates for Native Americans.

In response to Merriam-Webster adding the word “pregame” to its dictionary, staff writer Alejandra Dechet looks at the culture of pregaming on campus, while staff writer Justin Dela Cruz comments and collects comments on how being a student within the Fall Program for Freshmen changes one’s college experience.

Staff writer Katrina Fadrilan reflects on the experience of transferring from one four-year university to another; staff writer Danielle Miller offers poignant, clarifying points on her political views.

Finally, staff writer Candace Chiang ruminates on the sense of emptiness that comes with growing up and gaining more knowledge.

We hope these thought-provoking pieces provide a respite before the week picks up again.

— Ericka Shin and Gibson Chu

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