Quirky dates that you should take your crush on

Hannah Cooper/File

It’s mid-semester, and by now you’ve probably had time to build that deep relationship with that kid in your discussion or the cutie your friend introduced you to at a party. And if you haven’t met that special someone yet, are too busy to date or are in a committed relationship with your pillow, bookmark this page for future reference. You’ve heard all the boring, basic dates, such as a Big C Hike or dinner at Chez Panisse, but we here at the Clog believe everyone should spice things up every once in a while. We’ve compiled a list of the quirkiest and most unique dates this campus has ever seen (disclaimer: These dates are a little strange and may or may not be a little sarcastic in nature. Be warned — we won’t take any responsibility for your date never wanting to speak to you again.)

A romantic stroll through Dwinelle Hall

You’ll not only get lost in your date’s eyes but also in the most confusing building on campus. Who wouldn’t feel the love when they’re surrounded by bland white and yellowish painted walls? You could write your initials on the chalk boards, hold hands and skip through the halls, lose yourselves in the twisted magic of how the building was designed — the romantic activities are endless.   

A frat party

Nothing is more romantic than the smell of beer, sweaty bodies and love in the air. Take your sweetheart to a frat of your choice (or whichever one you can snag bids for). Not sure how to talk to your date? Have no fear — the loud and questionable music the frats will be blasting all night will make it impossible for you to have a proper conversation, so you won’t have to deal with awkward pauses and dull conversations about the weather.

A scenic hike up Bancroft Way to the International House

Does your date take your breath away? So will the walk up this hill. This is the perfect hike for someone who isn’t a huge fan of hikes but wants to show their crush that they can be active and fun. There’s so much to see too! You can see Wurster Hall peaking out from behind Boalt Hall, Delta Kappa Epsilon is just right by your destination and you get a lovely view down Bancroft Way. What more could two lovers want?

Start a protest together

Is there a better way to get closer to your crush? Absolutely not. An important aspect of relationships are finding things in common, and whether you both read the “Communist Manifesto” before going to sleep every night or believe that the left killed free speech, you can grow closer by starting a protest together. Designing posters and coming up with chants are the perfect way to develop a connection with them. Also, wouldn’t it be so dreamy seeing them up on the Mario Savio Steps, bullhorn in hand, spreading your shared beliefs?

Pull an all-nighter in a Moffitt study room

Have a midterm tomorrow but also want to get it on? Show your studious side to your crush with this fool-proof date. Reserve a room and do one of the most romantic things known to humankind, which is cry in their arms about how screwed you are for this test. You could also impress them by showing how much you know about chemistry, and not just the textbook kind, if you catch our drift. There’s really no way this date could go wrong.

There you have it, five quirky dates that might — just might — get you a second one. Or maybe an awkward hug at the end. Actually, we’re not even sure if we can even guarantee you that. But no matter where you take your date, it’s all about the connection you have with the other person and what you make of your time together! Love is in the air this week, so go out and take a big whiff.

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