Court lifts BAMN activist’s temporary restraining order on BCR president Troy Worden

Jasmany Flores/File

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Last week a California court lifted the temporary restraining order placed on the Berkeley College Republicans president, Troy Worden, for alleged stalking and intimidation of Yvette Felarca, an organizer for By Any Means Necessary, or BAMN.

Felarca filed a temporary restraining order against Worden for a series of incidents that left her feeling “unsafe,” according to the court documents. The order initially required Worden to keep a 100-yard distance from Felarca, but was later reduced to 10 yards because it restricted his movement on campus. The Alameda County Superior court has now lifted the restraining order entirely, due to a postponement of the court hearing on the matter.

The restraining order against Worden was filed Sept. 7 due to alleged threatening, harassment and stalking that began in February. According to the document, Worden repeatedly targeted Felarca on Sproul Plaza and at BAMN meetings. Felarca’s attorney, Ronald Cruz, said Worden was waging “psychological warfare.”

Worden’s attorney, Mark Meuser, said that they have audio and video evidence that “contradicts everything” Felarca accuses Worden to have said and done.

Before the scheduled court hearing Oct. 13, Felarca requested moving the hearing because of a scheduling conflict for her lead attorney. According to Meuser, neither he nor the judge were made aware of the change until shortly before the scheduled hearing. Meuser said this violated both court rules and California law.

Judicial commissioner Thomas Rasch agreed to move the hearing, but lifted the temporary restraining order as a result.

Temporary restraining orders normally last no longer than 21 days, and the new date for the hearing would otherwise have extended the order to nearly 50 days, according to Meuser.

Both sides will reconvene in court Oct. 26, when Felarca will file a permanent restraining order against Worden, Cruz said.

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  • JoannaBrennan

    If Yvette Felarca is so dissatisfied with the way things are in the United States, why doesn’t she go back to the Philippines and try her antics there? ICE needs to check her immigration file — Filipinos are notorious for submitting forged documents and lying to ICE — and if everything isn’t in perfect order, begin proceedings to revoke her citizenship and deport her to her country of origin.

  • C Bierbauer78

    Hey, why does everyone in that photo, behind Worden, look severely constipated? Is that the effect he has on people?
    Just asking.

    • JoannaBrennan

      They don’t look “constipated,” they look PO’d, and they have every reason to be.

  • DocAmazing

    These are the same College Republicans that snivelled about being threatened by graffitti, right?

    • James Rutledge

      Antifa fascists are pathetic

    • C Bierbauer78

      The right wing ‘student’ organizations are at war with each other while BCR president is impeached by his secretary….such models of good government.

    • JoannaBrennan

      I don’t recall any Republicans sniveling about being threatened by graffiti. What I recall are all those liberal students who claimed they were “traumatized” when someone wrote “Trump for President” — in chalk — on sidewalks, etc.

  • KidKnows

    this felarca women is nuts … martin luther king middle school must fire her as teacher.

  • roccolore

    BAMN = Fascist hypocrites

    • BerkeleyMews

      They are anarchists who oppose the state but who then cynically use the state for their own ends.

  • Nunya Beeswax

    I’m not sure I would believe a single thing either of them says.

  • BerkPed

    The UC Berkeley budget should list a line item for Troy Worden’s graduation date.