Why everyone should be excited for fall

Franchesca Spektor/File

The leaves are changing and the temperature is dropping, which means fall is in full swing. Although every season has its own beauty, there’s a kind of magic during fall that brings everyone joy and anticipation for things to come. If you’re still bummed that summer has ended, here are some reasons to keep your head up and fall in love with autumn.

Sweater weather

Need I say more? Summer is great for going swimming and wearing shorts all day, everyday, but during fall, you can wear as much cozy clothing as you want. From scarves to fancy pea coats to fuzzy socks, your fashion options are basically limitless.

Four consecutive holiday seasons

There’s no other time when you can dress up and get free candy, stuff your face with Grandma’s famous apple pie, deck the halls with holly and ring in the new year all within a span of three months. Make sure to take advantage of this, because once January comes around, you’ll be saying goodbye to the holidays and hello to spring semester.

Perpetual classic holiday movies

There’s no better way of reminiscing about your childhood joys than watching classic holiday movies. Your cable networks will play marathons of “Hocus Pocus” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Surprisingly enough, they’ll never get old — even for stressed-out UC Berkeley students.

Delicious warm beverages

Nothing warms your soul more than the famously basic pumpkin spice latte. Even if you’re a hater of everything PSL (but honestly, no one really is) you can still go to your nearest coffee shop and bundle up with a green tea, matcha latte or dirty chai.

Staying in

The best thing about fall: Gloomy weather is the best excuse to stay home and be lazy. You can binge on Netflix, read a good book, stay in your pajamas all day and order Postmates with no shame. If looking for something to watch as well, we at the Clog have some great recommendations (shameless plug).

Mother Nature’s aesthetic beauty

By the end of summer, your Instagram is probably overflowing with beach pictures from the Bahamas, so it’s about time to take advantage of the new aesthetic Mother Nature has to offer. Go on a nice hike and admire all the change happening around you, and be sure to take some Insta-worthy pics along the way.

Cuffing season

Fall is also known as cuffing season, which means it’s that time of year when serious relationships turn into engagements. This can leave single people feeling a little more lonely. On that note, this season is also a great opportunity to find a new cuddle buddy! So send in your bachelor/bachelorette applications, if you’re ready to find your autumn sweetheart.

Hopefully these reasons give you the motivation to throw on those boots and beanies, pushing you to embrace the season with more enthusiasm than ever before!

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