Oct. 29: Editors’ note

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As we reach the end of October, the Weekender decided to focus on a few pieces related to seniors and Halloween.

Weekender writer Anna Ho spotlighted several past senior class gifts to the campus and decided to look into what the plans are for this year’s senior class. Staff writer AJ Newcomb wrote a short story about walking through a scary park after a party.

Staff writer Alex Jiménez wrote a narrative-style poem about war, addressing overcoming problems with her own convictions, while Weekender contributor Claudia Huynh drafted a letter to her future employer.

To end off this week’s issue, Weekender writer Justin Dela Cruz composed a poem about the issue with dubbing Durant Food Court “Asian Ghetto.”

Check back in next week with the Weekender for more long-form pieces about birth control and student athletes.

– Ericka and Gibson

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