Wholesome things to do on Halloween

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Halloween is a magical time of year. It’s a time to stuff your face with candy corn and literally any and every other candy your heart desires. It’s a time to shamelessly drink pumpkin spice lattes. It’s a time to wear the most ridiculous costume imaginable — even more ridiculous than the normal Berkeley attire. There are countless ways to celebrate, ranging from going wild to having a quiet night in.

Because when we went wild, it didn’t always turn out so great, we at the Clog decided to provide some recommendations on how to have a more wholesome Halloween below.

Carve pumpkins

This activity is the epitome of Halloween and is truly timeless. While watching our parents carve them as a young child (we couldn’t be trusted with knives), we were in awe of the quintessential smiley face that would appear on this gourd. Now, we’re the true experts — carving Dirks’ face, or maybe something slightly inappropriate, or maybe a little bit of both. Make sure to buy the cheapest carving kit at the store, so that when you’re done, you’ve truly overcome the most difficult of hurdles.

Bake, while you’re at it

The possibilities of baking pumpkin-flavored anything are truly endless. After carving, saving all of the seeds and throwing those in the oven make for a delectable snack. Pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie are, of course, amongst the classics as well. If we’re truly being honest, going to Trader Joe’s and buying pumpkin baking mixes (in which all of the hard work is basically already done for you) is definitely the right move. If you haven’t eaten something pumpkin-flavored this month, you’re doing life wrong. But don’t worry, you still have today!

Movie night

Halloween is one of the best times throughout the entire year to hold a movie night. Watching four scary movies in a row becomes completely acceptable. Rewatching both “Twitches” movies and all of the “Halloweentown” saga is not only accepted, but greatly encouraged. With so many classic films being Halloween-related, hopefully we’ll find an excuse to stream one of these films instead of doing our homework that’s due tomorrow.

Pumpkin-patch it up

How many pumpkin patch pictures have you seen while scrolling through social media? Too many. But, might as well be a part of the fun! Pumpkin patches really get you into the Halloween spirit and are the perfect date spot or squad destination.

Go trick-or-treating

There’s nothing less creepy than 18- to 22-year-old college students pretending to be cute and innocent while begging for candy — it’s totally normal. Just hit up the bougie Northside neighborhoods, and maybe the parents will be so done with answering the door that they’ll pour the entire bucket into your pillow case without a second glance. It’s the most O.G. method to accumulate a boat load of candy for free. If your moral compass points you in a different direction though, you could also provide the candy for little kids. Their sugar-rush smiles will make for a most wholesome evening.

Scroll through Instagram and judge people’s costumes with your pals

There’s absolutely nothing more wholesome than being your most judgmental best self. Especially, if you’re cuddled up on the couch with some (spiked) hot chocolate. Make sure you count the bunnies, popular television show references and ironic outfits where they try to give off the appearance that they’re not trying hard, but we all know they are. Upon judging, make sure you use the adjective “spooky-thicc” at least once. It’s your very own costume contest — and you’re always the winner.

Whatever y’all decide to do on Halloween, make sure to have the time of your lives and be your best self. After all, Halloween is only once a year (even if it’s celebrated for over a week in college). Wishing you wholesome Halloween vibes! Love, the Daily Clog.

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