ASUC opens Sexual Violence Commission, Mental Health Commission chair applications

Suyang Lu/File

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The ASUC’s Sexual Violence Commission and Mental Health Commission have recently opened commission chair applications for spring 2018.

The Sexual Violence Commission works to transform campus sexual assault policies and to provide resources related to sexual violence, while the Mental Health Commission promotes mental health wellness and services.

Commission chairs serve as the commission’s chief executive, convene public meetings at least once a month and recruit commission members with the assistance of the chief personnel officer.

“The main qualifications we’re looking for is someone who has experience working with these spaces,” said ASUC Chief Personnel Officer Evan Cui. “We are looking for someone who can use action on campus to create tangible change … someone who is very self-driven and wants to shape the future of these commissions.”

According to Cui, the ASUC University and External Affairs Committee reviews chair applications and selects the top three applicants. After the top choices are declared to the ASUC Senate, the Senate must obtain a two-thirds majority vote to confirm the nominees.

Recently, Cui has been partnering with the ASUC senators and the communications office has been creating graphics for publicity. Cui has also met with the ex-commission chairs, the sexual violence policy director for the ASUC president and the ASUC president’s chief of staff, as they have experience working with the issues of sexual violence and mental health.

“Leading the commission means taking responsibility for this group of people, working very closely with the ASUC in order to implement policy changes … and coordinating efforts to progress on these issues,” Cui said.

Besides the commissions, the campus provides other sexual violence and mental health resources, such as counseling at the Tang Center, the PATH to Care Center and the Office for Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination.

Applications for the Sexual Violence Commission and Mental Health Commission chair positions are due Monday, Nov. 13 by 11:59 p.m.

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