Berkeley City Council to discuss renovation of the Berkeley Marina Fishing Pier

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At its Tuesday meeting, the Berkeley City Council plans to discuss the renovation of the Berkeley Marina Fishing Pier.

According to Tuesday’s published agenda, the city is currently spending more than $10 million to restore the Marina area, including designing the renovation of the Berkeley Pier.

In July 2015, the pier was officially closed because of structural issues, and the council has since evaluated its renovation possibilities. After the pier was closed, engineering firm IDA Structural Engineers Inc. examined the underside of the pier, located in West Berkeley, and determined that the aged concrete decking of the pier could not support its own weight, let alone vehicles or pedestrians.

The council’s agenda states that between 2003 and 2016, the park’s maintenance staff was reduced by 25 percent, and many city amenities — including the John Hinkel Clubhouse, Willard Pool, Rose Garden Trellis and the Berkeley Pier — were shut down.

According to the discussion portion of the agenda, the Parks, Recreation & Waterfront Department’s underfunded capital and maintenance programs accelerated the deterioration process of the parks and waterfront amenities, requiring “emergency repairs at a greater cost than would be if regular maintenance had been done.”

The City Council document also alleges that if the council does not increase berth fees — fees charged to people who moor their boats in the harbor while not in use — the Berkeley Marina fund will be insolvent within the next five years.

In February 2016, when the restoration of the pier was previously discussed, the costs of repair exceeded the budget of the Parks, Recreation & Waterfront Department. Conducting a study of the pier alone would cost the department between $150,000 and $200,000, according to a council memo.

The agenda also states that the city council will meet Tuesday to examine the city infrastructure bond program and the Department of Public Works capital improvement projects.

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