Nov. 5: Editors’ note

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Here at the Weekender, this weekend is a time of retrospection and reflection — as a nation, as a school and as individuals.

Staff writer Nicky Shapiro brings the nationwide debate on athletes who use their opportunities to underscore important political and social issues they believe in closer to home with his in-depth feature on the political activism of UC Berkeley’s student-athletes.

In light of it having been one year since President Donald Trump’s election, we have a few stories looking back on all that has happened since. Staff writer Bailey Dunn wrote a feature on Trump’s rollback of the ACA’s birth control mandate and its possible consequences, while staff writer Danielle Miller looks at how state and local leaders have risen to the occasion in light of the current White House administration’s policies regarding climate change on an international level. And staff writer Alec Newcomb wrote a commentary on how the Trump administration, despite having divided the country to a frightening extreme thus far, can be an opportunity for the nation to prove itself as an entity capable of being (re)united. Meanwhile, staff writer Anna Ho wrote a commentary on how Trump’s election has affected the United States’ relationship with Canada by talking to Canadian students on campus.

Staff writer Candace Chiang’s poem can inspire all of us to contemplate our own identities; staff writer Rachel Gregory’s commentary on mourning reminds us that all forms of mourning, on individual, familial, national and societal bases, are valid.

— Ericka Shin and Gibson Chu

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