Editor’s note: Mental health issue


Candid discussion of mental health is often stigmatized across cultures but we at The Daily Californian are here to give voice and provide resources to those struggling with mental health.

We all understand the struggles of being a student. We have to balance work, paying rent, academics, social life and extracurriculars. We’re here to offer support and a place where asking for help isn’t something to be ashamed of.

Mental health  is something you should prioritize. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

But there is help. Resources and support are provided across campus and in the community for you. And don’t forget about your friends.

Do not be ashamed of speaking out. You may feel like no one else understands what you’re going through, but you are not alone.

Read about other students’ struggles and how they worked and are working to overcome them, and learn about resources to help overcome yours, too.

Pressly Pratt is the special issues editor. Contact her at [email protected].