Obscure words to describe your life right now

Isabelle Doerschlag/Staff

What’s up, Golden Bears? We know that the past few weeks have been rough; the coming weeks are going to be even tougher. But now that midterms are out of the way, it’s time to vent about all your feels before the next round of academic hell. To help you find the right words to describe exactly what you’re experiencing, we at the Clog have got you covered with these obscure words that apply to your life.


Definition: Someone who hides behind a smile but hesitates to express true feelings

We all know at least one person who never seems to be sad, confused or angsty. If they haven’t cried at least once by now, they’re probably an eccedentesiast. Maybe it’s best to give them some space.


Definition: The act of buying books and never reading them

Now that your only saving grace is finals, it’s time to crack open those math books you haven’t touched all semester. You keep looking around your room for them, only to find the books under another pile of readers you wasted your money on and a biology textbook that weighs more than worth the effort to open.


Definition: Deep, painful anguish

When will the torture end?! At this point, you’ve virtually become numb to the failure. Oh and would you look a that! A 13 percent! It’s not like you spent four straight days studying for that midterm only to find yourself miserably behind in all your other classes! Yay! The toska really kicks in when your work hard, play hard roommate got two standard deviations above the mean.


Definition: Foolishly sentimental due to drunkenness

There’s no better excuse to get wasted af than the tense gap between the last midterm and finals. You could spend this precious time trying to understand a semester’s worth of content, but you decide mental health comes first. You then proceed to drown your sorrows in alcohol and loudly remind everyone about how much you despise that one prereq technical you have to take.


Definition: Giving up trying to talk about something because people don’t understand

It seems that everyone did well on that midterm that you did not. Since there’s no use to seek solace through them, you try to vent to your humanities major roommate. As you explain your situation though, you notice that their eyes glaze over as they themselves to stay awake. 


Definition: Pleasure derived from another’s misfortune

Now they know how you’ve felt all semester. It comforts you to know that you aren’t the only one who has to struggle with grades. Sometimes you wonder if they feel major schadenfreude whenever you mention your less-than-adequate performance on assessments, but that just makes you feel better about finding their failures entertaining.

Now that you have all the words you need to know for the rest of the semester, go forth, Golden Bears, and express your true emotions.

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