Harassment of family leads to altercation in front of Elmwood Cafe


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A family was harassed in front of Elmwood Cafe on Saturday, leading to an altercation intervened by a Street Spirit vendor who was subsequently struck in the face, as first reported by Berkeleyside.

The assailant approached Kristina Hill, a UC Berkeley associate professor of landscape architecture & environmental planning and urban design, and her wife and daughter while they were waiting in line, Hill said.

“It was the scariest, in-your-face-moment in my 12 years of being harassed on the street,” Hill said. “It does kind of bring up a PTSD feeling that I am not safe when I am walking on the street. It’s not the only time it has happened in Berkeley.”

Berkeley was recently found to have the fifth-highest hate crime rate in California in cities that have a population of more than 50,000, according to a 2016 Hate Crime Statistics report by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Hill said the man called her and her wife “lesbian bitches” during a long ramble and got within a foot of Hill, who then asked for personal space and tried to calm the man down.

At that moment, a vendor for the Street Spirit, a newspaper that focuses on homeless issues, stepped in and stood up from his vending spot on the corner of College Avenue and Russell Street, according to Hill. When the vendor asked the man to calm down and leave, the man hit the vendor in the face and fled.

According to Kara Hammond, general manager of Elmwood Cafe, the incident occurred during a busy time at the restaurant.

Hill said she was disappointed that no one besides the vendor stepped in to de-escalate the situation or to ask her family if they were alright afterwards. Elmwood Cafe gave the vendor a free hot chocolate, and Hill’s wife offered to buy him a meal out of gratitude.

A gay rights activist since the 1980s, Hill said she moved from Charlottesville, Virginia, to Berkeley five years ago with her family in part to escape the lack of acceptance she perceived in Virginia.

“I was self-editing (in Charlottesville). I was not holding hands with my wife there, everybody was staring, everybody was a little taken aback that there were gay people there,” Hill said.

According to Hill, the schools and parents in the Berkeley community have accepted her lifestyle, but she said there is more “street craziness” here that can potentially lead to hate crimes.

Hill said she is often seen as an easy target of homophobic slurs, and she added that every couple of months she experiences a hateful comment on the street in Berkeley.

“I want people to remember that people have to be ready when someone is harassed and to show solidarity,” Hill said. “I hope people will (intervene to stop hate crimes).”

The Daily Californian has partnered with ProPublica’s Documenting Hate project to collect incidents of hate crimes in Berkeley. If you’ve been a victim of a hate crime or bias-related incident, please fill out our form here.

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  • Letty

    There is one scary guy who “hangs out” around there playing a crazy guy. Calls himself “S****r” and aggressively takes food from people and intimidates shoppers. A total con-job. I’ve also heard him eloquently sweet-talking ladies if it appears to be the best way to get money. The police come and run him off… but he reappears. I feel for the business owners. This sounds like his MO.

  • flashsteve

    By using the term ‘street-craziness’, was the victim implying that the perp was a street person?

    • C Bierbauer78

      Brainless bigot should have been sufficient to identify the attacker as a white racist campus republican.

      • California Defender

        Wait! You forgot Christian, Nazi, Jewish, Capitalist, Nationalist, Confederate, British colonizer, Roman imperialist, descendant of slave owners, gun-owning, veteran, pick-up driving, country music listening, polo shirt wearing, vanilla ice cream eating, blond-haired, blue-eyed, straight, cis, male.

        Whew! You’re welcome.

        • lspanker

          All in the day’s work for Bullblatherer, who never lets the truth get in the way of an inflammatory rant.

          • California Defender

            Well, to be fair, such ranting is necessary to maintain membership in Antifa. I believe they have a point system and earn stickers.

            Then their inflammatory rants took down Elmwood Cafe. Stickers galore! But now their only option for coffee is Starbucks. An Antifa conundrum.

          • lspanker

            That whole debacle only makes it clear that Berkeley is full of craven little PC wusses. People are so afraid of being called “racist” if they don’t join the howling mob that they smear anyone who doesn’t play along with their stupid game,

          • California Defender

            Kinda like Shania Twain recently apologizing for saying she would have voted for Trump if she were American.

            I respect her for having the strength to speak her mind, especially as a woman in the entertainment industry. But then to apologize for it shows how beaten down women are in that industry.

            So much for the left’s feminism. If a woman goes off script, they yank her Jabba the Hut chain and tell her to shut up. And she obeys. SMH.

          • Jesse Gilbert

            Yep. They are rank and file shmucks. Why don’t you speak more on this at a new website that can accommodate quality commentary: http://www.lanceknobel.com

      • lspanker

        Except it’s not the campus Republicans doing that stuff, it’s usually drugged out and mentally ill “homeless”, the type that you and your left-wing loony friends welcome with your pro-bum policies. Not that the truth ever mattered you, given you’re a lying sack of excrement who tries to stir up hatred and resentment at every opportunity.