Nov. 19: Editors’ note

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As the semester begins to wind down and the stress begins to amp up, we here at the Weekender have curated another collection of thoughtful pieces for you to amble through.

Staff writer Alejandra Dechet’s piece applies a critical lens to the viral “me too” campaign that gained traction in the wake of the sexual harassment and assault allegations raised against Harvey Weinstein.

Read staff writer Justin Dela Cruz’s commentary on college applications, which current freshmen turned in just a year ago, and staff writer Jasmine Tatah’s narrative describing her experience as a gallery attendant at BAMPFA.

Staff writer Anna Tseselsky’s commentary explores the campus’s housing crisis from the perspective of students who have been placed in temporary housing, while staff writer Priyanka Athalye’s poem pokes fun at the unreliability of AC Transit.

We really enjoyed reading and editing these pieces, and we hope you’ll enjoy them, too.
Ericka Shin and Gibson Chu

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