Picks of the week: film, theatre, zines and lightsabers


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This week has a plethora of exciting arts events in store — two critically acclaimed films, a fascinating play, a night of “Star Wars” fandom and an alternative book and zine festival — all of which are bound to increase your arts literacy across all domains. With dead week upon us all, take some time to relax at any one of these intriguing local events.

Monday, Dec. 4 | SUPERB screening of “The Shape of Water”

SUPERB will screen Guillermo del Toro’s latest film at the UA Berkeley 7 on Monday, with ticket fees waived for UC Berkeley students with Cal IDs. The film looks to be a sweeping, enchanting romance between a mute woman (Sally Hawkins, who seems to be a strong Oscar contender) and a fish man (the eminently underrated Doug Jones). Be sure to check out this marvel of cinema before it sweeps the Oscars!

Wednesday, Dec. 6 | Performance of “Ageless”

“Ageless” is a science fiction play following a woman who refuses her society’s customary de-aging process. It looks to be an examination of the pressures that pervade any society, but with the fascinating trappings of the science fiction genre. The play is free for the public — even more reason to check it out as a break during dead week!

Thursday, Dec. 7 | Feel the Force NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences is transforming into the ice planet of Hoth (it’s actually an ice rink, but close enough) for one night. Instead of “The Imperial March” scoring an incoming onslaught of AT-ATs, DJs including Angel Baby, Popstack and Make It Funky will be lending their unique sounds to the night’s festivities. Just be careful not to lose any limbs — the Golden Gate Knights will be battling it out with lightsabers in the museum’s African Hall.

Friday, Dec. 8 | “The Disaster Artist”

James Franco’s directorial debut, starring himself as enigmatic writer-director Tommy Wiseau, covers the production of the notoriously bad cult classic “The Room.” Shining through its hilarious screenplay and memorable performances, the film features plenty of quotable lines and A-list cameos, a funny but touching tribute to Wiseau’s persistence despite his position as a Hollywood outsider. “The Disaster Artist” opens at Shattuck Cinemas on Thursday evening and releases nationwide Friday.

Saturday, Dec. 9 | East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest at the Omni Commons in Oakland

The eighth annual East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest will feature work produced by zine authors, independent publishers, comic book writers and artists at Oakland’s Omni Commons. Workshops on topics ranging from rubber stamp making to “Grounding Skills for Activists, Revolutionaries, and Everyone” will be offered, including a workshop on manifesto writing as a form of empowerment. The event is free and open to the public.

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