Cal men’s basketball embarrassed by Central Arkansas, 96-69

With the few quality looks the Bears did have on offense, they were unable to convert. Senior Marcus Lee, the most physically imposing presence on the court, got more than a couple of quality looks down in the low-post, but he couldn’t convert a couple of jump hooks that came within five feet of the basket. Cal’s night offensively could best be summarized by the wide-open layup freshman Deschon Winston blew in the second half.
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Letters to the editor

Mind the Gap

Hey there, they showed us “Singin’ in the Rain” at our film screening tonight and then it rained while I walked home; it made my life feel cinematic.
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Not a eulogy, a celebration

Cutting Room Floor

I remind myself of the eulogy “This Is Us” helped me to write for my grandfather’s memorial service. Except that it wasn’t a eulogy. It was a celebration.
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