Alternative places to study for finals this week

Rachael Garner/File

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But that’s referring to the joys that the holiday season and spending time with loved ones bring. All of that stuff takes place after finals week, which seems to be approaching faster than ever. Finals aren’t included in the “wonderful” time of year we’re in, but the good news is that they’ll be over before we know it. There are so many ways to make the lead-up to winter break a little less painful — including where you choose to study during finals week. Typical places like Caffe Strada and Moffitt Library become grossly overcrowded in the madness that comes with students trying to study for nine days straight in order to feel prepared. Instead of wasting time trying to find a seat, failing to do so or getting distracted by running into dozens of your distraught friends, simply study somewhere besides your go-to spots. It can also make studying more exciting! Here are some of the Clog’s favorite study spots:

Tertulia Coffee, Oakland

Right off of the 19th Street Oakland BART station, this cafe is still super convenient to all Berkeley students and is a completely different study space than what we’re used to. This coffee shop also serves as an art gallery, so if you need a quirky study space, you can go check out all of the cool artwork on the walls. This clean, modern space is a perfect way to experience different vibes and make studying a little bit more exciting.

Chou Hall, Haas School of Business

PSA: If you have not been inside of this building, stop whatever you are doing right now and go check it out. It is a brand-new building in Haas and probably costs more money than the rest of UC Berkeley’s buildings combined. Basically, the entire building is dedicated to students in the form of classrooms and study spaces. Plus, there’s a balcony on the sixth floor where you can literally see the entire Bay, including the city. It’s wild.

Asha Tea House

Make sure to take a detox from coffee for at least one day of dead week and finals week. What better way to do that than with tea? Located right on Shattuck Avenue, Asha is a great location surrounded by many wonderful places right around it to grab some food whenever.

Philz Coffee

What a classic studying spot. It seems as if more people frequent this joint around finals than at any other point during the year. Like Philz’s mint mojitos, the caffeine you’ll be drinking here adds a little pep to every struggling student’s step. With so many locations all over the Bay Area, make a little time to explore one you haven’t been to yet!

Although it may seem silly, changing up where you study can do wonders for your outlook on the day and the productivity that you muster. Making the end of the semester as painless as possible should be everybody’s goal — or we might all collectively go insane. Most importantly, study wherever you feel the most efficient and make sure you take care of yourself this last week. We at the Clog believe in each and every one of you. Go kick butt on your finals!

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