Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in 2018 Is Too Good to Pass Up

medical marijuana card 2018

Twenty years after becoming the first state to legalize medical cannabis with Proposition 215, California passed an initiative to legalize recreational marijuana use. With the passing of Proposition 64, you may be wondering, “should I still get a medical cannabis card near me in 2018?”

You’re probably also wondering where and when you can now legally purchase recreational marijuana. With the initiative being over 60 pages long, it’s difficult to know where to begin looking for answers. Luckily, we’ve done the homework for you and one thing’s for sure: there are numerous benefits to having a medicinal marijuana card in 2018.

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries Open in January? Wishful Thinking

Despite Prop. 64 set to go into effect in January 2018, this date is just a prediction. Regulation and implementation is a complex process, and getting through all the legal red tape is sure to take a while. Unless you’re prepared to wait an indefinite amount of time, you’ll need a medical marijuana card to legally visit more than 1,000 cannabis dispensaries. Why wait for something you can have now?

21 and Up Recreational Marijuana Use

A medical cannabis card comes with the benefit of a lower age requirement. While you have to be 21 or older to purchase and possess recreational weed, the minimum legal age for obtaining a California medical marijuana card is 18.

More Options, Access and Protection

Even when Prop. 64 does go into effect, access to recreational marijuana will depend largely on individual counties and cities. Each jurisdiction regulates the type of dispensaries and marijuana businesses that can operate within its boundaries. Certain municipalities may have no or few recreational weed shops, but several storefront medical dispensaries and/or MMJ delivery services to choose from.

As a medical marijuana patient you can buy, possess and cultivate (in 100 sq ft space) as much cannabis as necessary for your condition(s) within reason. If you really need more plants, ask the 420 doctor about getting a cultivation license in California. Meanwhile recreational users can only have up to an ounce and grow just six marijuana plants.

Plus, medical marijuana cards in 2018 give protection from police prosecution if you happen to be in public carrying a decent amount of cannabis.

Save Money

Prop. 64’s full name is The Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act–and the “tax” portion is not taken lightly. The Golden State is already known for its hefty taxes, and the tax on recreational marijuana is no exception. Not only will growers and sellers have to pay taxes on cultivation and production, but consumers will be hit with a combination of state and local taxes.

Though the exact consumer tax rate will vary depending on the municipality, it’s predicted to be as much as 20%, high enough to have some worried about California’s efforts to successfully establish a legal market for recreational cannabis use. Having a medical weed card in 2018 will exempt you from paying this tax. Who doesn’t like saving money?

recreational marijuana 2018

You’re Only 10 Minutes Away from a Medical Marijuana Card

Despite all the hoopla surrounding Prop 64, a closer look unveils details that make having a medical marijuana card more advantageous than ever. While Prop 64 may be complicated, getting a medical card isn’t. Forget about the “medical marijuana evaluations near me” search and use NuggMD’s online telemedicine platform.

NuggMD is this fastests, easiest, and most convenient way to get your MMJ card in moments. Just fill out the online evaluation, live video-chat with a licensed cannabis doctor, and have your prescription in as little as 10 minutes. The cannabis doctor’s recommendation is only $39, though you can option for a convenient cannabis card for only $20 more.

Once you receive your temporary recommendation (your hard copy and/or weed card will arrive a few days later), buy marijuana using Nugg, California’s leading MMJ marketplace, and order from local dispensaries online. Also compare costs and review products, like the best vape cartridges, and dispensaries.

What’re you waiting for? Enjoy the benefits of your medical marijuana card before 2018!

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  • Elizabeth Johnson

    I have chronic arthritis & I had been buying medical marijuana from the dispensary for last over 2 years. I never got the pure strain that the marijuana doctors recommended and the result was not encouraging. Then I got a grower’s license on the recommendations of OnlineMedicalCard, Los Angles and set-up my own farm on 100 sq. feet area. I grew the strains that OMC had recommended and did not use any chemical pesticides & fertilizers. Within a short span of treatment with self-grown purely organic cannabis, the results are amazing. I can move, walk & work comfortably now.

  • Cannabis Seeds

    It would be great. Good news for consumers and growers if they avail it.

    Jack Herrer

  • nick

    First off, only MMIC see the tax exemption. Secondly, while having a recommendation IS legal at 18, you wont be able to get into any dispensary as most clubs are going 21 and up just to walk in the door. Third, cultivation licenses do not actually exist for patients. This has been a long standing lie these people use to squeeze money. Fourth, with just a card you cannot grow as much as you want in a 100sq ft space. You are limited to 12 immature and 6 fully mature. There is so much bullshit in this article it makes my head hurt.

  • Allie

    according to this link the tax exemption only applies to people who have state government MMIC’s that have the california state seal…not paper recommendations or cards that are given by places or websites like Nugg MD…and its actually not easy to get this kind of card

  • rychastings

    reasons not to? have you heard about such thing as background checks lol?

    • Tommy Salami

      Medical information doesn’t come up on a background check. Only you can disclose your medical status to a potential employer. Nobody else can do it without your permission. Sure, some people have medical checks built into those background profiles, and those people are called “Astronauts.” So…. If you’re not an astronaut (and I have reason to believe 99.9% of people reading this are not) you’re good.

  • lspanker

    Just what we need, another generation of college dopers. Wasn’t the 1960’s bad enough?

    • cleftintwain

      Exactly! These commie students smoking the reefers. They need to pickle their brains with booze and develop a crippling addiction to pain meds like a real American.

      • lspanker

        I never said such a thing, but it certainly didn’t stop you from making such an idiot statement, did it?

        • Phy Patton

          Kinda like using the word “doper” unironically? ^.^

        • bean420

          an idiotic OP deserves an idiotic reply. But you seem to be too dense to have caught that subtext lol

    • X Ray

      No, the 60’s were pretty damned great.

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