Sliver Pizzeria to leave Downtown Berkeley

Leya Andrews/File

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Sliver Pizzeria, a popular pizza parlor on Center Street in Downtown Berkeley, announced it will be relocating in a Facebook post Saturday.

The post cited “unforeseen circumstances” as the reason for relocation, and it did not announce when or to where the restaurant will move.

Hundreds expressed sadness about the announcement in the post’s comment section. Campus alumnus Peter Alexander said Sliver was the first restaurant his older sister took him to when he joined her at UC Berkeley. Alexander said he appreciated the restaurant’s live music on Saturdays and occasional deals on drinks at the bar.

“It’s good quality and I have a lot of really nice memories there, and I will certainly miss it,” Alexander said. “It just depends on where they’re going. … The best thing about it is that it’s close to Cal.”

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A previous version of this article’s headline misspelled the name of Sliver Pizzeria.

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  • C Bierbauer78

    Landlord raised rent to insane heights. Same thing that drives most quality Berkeley businesses out. Greed is a virtue to the vultures, community counts for nothing.

    • testit

      Is this speculation or do you know this for a fact? What was the previous rent and the new rent?

  • LordGreyFalcon

    Unforeseen? Maybe the increasing labor expenses cutting into the margin? B’s minimum wage fiasco?

    • rodeinonthebart

      All profits belong to the workers

      • jeyhovah

        And they stole their recipes from cheeseboard

        • Berkeley5th

          Well, to be fair… Sliver was started by former Cheeseboard employees, so… you know.. they had to learn it somewhere. I would say similar in style, but not exactly stolen recipes.

        • Adrian Reynolds

          Even down to the wicker baskets and the bakery racks, the cold case with beverages and salads. And let me guess, they have that spicy green sauce and lime wedges for the pizza.

  • Cham

    Typo in the heading. Sliver not Silver

    • belou

      It’s nice to be reminded this is a labor of love, and nobody loves copyediting.

      • Cham

        So if there is a typo, no one should point it out even if it’s in the main headline?

        • jeyhovah

          Dude, you’re so right it hurts. People do love copyediting which is why this is so blasphemous. It’s in the friggin’ headline.

        • belou

          I was being sarcastic.