Detained UC Berkeley student receives bond hearing date

Jaleen Udarbe/Courtesy

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A bond hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 17 for UC Berkeley junior Luis Mora, who was recently taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, according to a tweet from Mora’s attorney, Prerna Lal.

Mora was detained by Border Patrol in San Diego on Dec. 30 and transferred into ICE custody at Otay Mesa Detention Center on Wednesday. After Mora was denied a supervised release or release on his own recognizance, Lal wrote in a tweet that they requested a bond hearing for Mora from the Otay Mesa Immigration Court.

Because of the date of his bond hearing, Mora will likely miss the first few days of his spring semester. In the tweet, Lal wrote that Mora will be “devastated.”

“(Mora’s) biggest fear isn’t detention or deportation; it’s missing school, the one constant in his life while everything else fell apart,” Lal wrote in a Facebook post.

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  • jeyhovah

    Wait, the article left out that he’s illegal and that’s why he was detained. WTF daily cal? Also, he’s going to miss a lot more than the first few days of spring semester. He’s going to be missing this country when he’s sent back to his.

  • AltAzn

    So if you send your kid to America on a visa when he is 12 and then have your kid overstay, some do-gooder sjw attorney and a bunch of sjw activists will demand they get citizenship.

    Seems fair.

  • BerkPed

    One of ICE’s goals seems to be to steer as much money as possible from the American tax payer to the private prisons run by Corrections Corporation of America.

    The taxpayer could save lots of money by promptly holding bail hearings and quickly granting bail.

    Habeas Corpus gets a citizen a hearing in 48 hours, but ICE drags out un-neccessary incarceration for weeks.

    • jeyhovah

      And apparently illegal immigrants goals are to steer as much money as possible from the American tax payer towards themselves. It’s so interesting how the left uses fiscal responsibility when it suits them. He is here illegally. Somehow he receives in-state tuition. Which means the California tax payer is subsidizing his education. Why don’t you care about that? That he’s a drain on California society and takes up a spot at Cal that could go to a legal resident of California?

      • BerCaley
        • lspanker

          He admits to being an illegal, dimwit.

          • BerCaley

            Ooh look, my little chihuahua stalker is following me around the Internet again…

            In English 1A, they’d have dinged you for a pronoun reference problem because it’s not at all clear whom he refers to.

            I’ll assume that you’re talking about Mora and not Davino Watson. Mora’s GF said his Facebook page said he was ‘undocumented’. So when you say he said ‘He admits to being an illegal’ you’re being a dimwit.

            BTW, does y’all know about wet foot dry foot policy? Are those Cubans undocumented or are they illegal? Does y’all know anything?

          • lspanker

            Earth to Troll: The subject of this story, a certain citizen of Colombia named Luis Mora, admits to being in the country illegally. Therefore, it’s not an issue of ICE making a mistake, nor does the rest of your diversionary babbling indicate you have any real point to make…

          • BerCaley

            Now here’s your big chance, chihuahua. All you have to do is find a reliable cite (Gateway Pundit won’t do) showing where Mora admits to “being in the country illegally” and you score a point. Mora actually has to use the word ‘illegal’ referring to himself. If he instead refers to himself as undocumented, you don’t get the point. In fact, you get a point taken away.

            Now go fetch, chihuahua.

          • BaconLovingInfidel

            He can consider/refer to himself as the Queen of France, but he’s still an illegal Visa overstay with no right whatsoever to remain in the US. He’s entitled to a hearing and then to be sent home to Ecuador or Colombia or wherever.

          • lspanker

            His girlfriend told the Daily Cal that Mora overstayed his visa by a couple of years. How would she know that unless he told her in the first place?

          • BerCaley

            You said that a “Luis Mora, admits to being in the country illegally”. I am so sorry but “His girlfriend told the Daily Cal” does not qualify as evidence. But since I’m such a nice guy (for a liberal), I’ll give you a second chance.

          • lspanker

            Do you deny he’s in the country illegally? If so, you’re just being silly.

            ICE didn’t make any mistakes. They caught an illegal alien, good for them.

          • BerCaley

            Again, you said that “Luis Mora, admits to being in the country illegally”. I asked for a evidence. And again, I am sorry but “Do you deny he’s in the country illegally? If so, you’re just being silly.” does not qualify as evidence.

            Facts evidently don’t matter to you. And yes, ICE makes mistakes. When I said that, I cited a mistake because facts matter to me.

          • lspanker

            I noticed that you ignored the fact he’s an illegal – end of story.

          • BerCaley

            Again, he may be an illegal. That’s not for you to decide.
            But you stated that he had admitted this, that he said this.
            And you’ve offered no proof.

            You live in a fact free world where words don’t matter.

          • lspanker

            He’s an illegal, which is why he’s in custody. Everyone knows that except you. But keep making a fool of yourself if that’s all you got, cupcake.

          • garyfouse

            If I recall, this young man overstayed his visa.

          • lspanker

            Not that facts matter to the 14-year-old troll. He’s still trying to convince others how clever he is by playing adolescent “gotcha” games…

          • garyfouse

            Yes, his childish language betrays him. Then again, he may be a PhD candidate at Berkeley, or worse yet, a professor.

  • lspanker

    Don’t break the law, and you won’t have this type of problem in the first place…