The 10 stages of every college student’s winter break

William Bennett/File

Winter break is a well-deserved vacation from school that’s sought after by students everywhere. If there’s anything to look forward to during fall semester, it’s definitely winter vacation. Here’s to bingeing our favorite shows, eating enormous amounts of home-cooked meals, being a literal couch potato and answering the plethora of questions about our time at the No. 1 public university in the world! Oh and you can’t forget boredom. There’s a bit of that too.

Let’s take a look at the 10 stages of winter break:

  1. You finished your last final and have never been so excited to go home to see your pets. And your family. Yes, in that order.
  2. Everyone else is also back in town and that means one thing: lots of hangouts with high school friends. Although you make a bunch of plans with your friends, you realistically know only 25% of them will actually happen. You can’t wait to hear about how their semesters went and fill them in on all the drama and gossip. Or this is a time to avoid the people you hate. That’s also a very real possibility.
  3. You’ve never been so happy to have mom’s home-cooked meals. It’s all you could’ve ever dreamed of.
  4. 48-hour Netflix binge? We think, yes. How else are you supposed to catch up on all of your favorite shows you missed while you were studying away this semester? The best part is no one’s there to judge you.
  5. You and your friends show up to your favorite hangout spot and are unpleasantly surprised that it has been infiltrated by angsty middle school and high school kids. #nothanks
  6. Sleeping for days on end, and most importantly, in your own bed! No 8 a.m. alarms or noisy neighbors who decided to have impromptu ragers at odd hours during the night. Those all-nighters at Moffitt are catching up to you. Winter break is a great time to make up for all the sleep deprivation you’ve accumulated. You’re beary sleepy.  
  7. Going to all the appointments your mom made for you: the dentist, doctor, hairstylist, etc. The list goes on and on. And on.
  8. It’s finally Christmas! There’s lots of good food and awkward conversations. While spending time with your family’s fine and dandy, you can’t wait to spend New Year’s with your friends.
  9. You’ve run out of things to do. You’ve hung out with all the friends you actually wanted to hang out with, you’ve watched all the shows and movies you missed, you’ve eaten all the food you craved and you can’t justify sitting on your butt all day any longer. Plus your parents are beginning to wonder why you’re so lazy because you haven’t moved from your bed in three days. What happened to not having people judge you?
  10. You’re getting tired of your parents asking you questions about your semester and GPA. Dodging their questions can be a lot of work and you can only make so many excuses. Plus, you’re starting to miss your friends and kind of wish you were back at Berkeley. Go Bears!

Time really flies when you’re having fun. Or sitting there doing nothing for hours (or days) on end. Next thing you know, you’re saying your final goodbyes to your friends and family, as the time has come to return to Berkeley. It’s the new year and a new semester! 

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