Trends we’ll look back on and wonder what we were thinking

Jessica Doojphibulpol/File

From 1950s poodle skirts to ’80s leg warmers, it seems like every decade has its own questionable trend. Of course, styles such as shoulder pads and teased hair didn’t seem awful in the moment, but retrospectively, they leave us with one simple question: Why?

Clearly things change — people outgrow their go-go boots, and new fashions become popular. So what will we look back on as adults and wonder what the hell we were thinking? We at the Clog have a few predictions.

Yoga pants

Everywhere you look and everywhere you go, there are yoga pants, but no yoga. Of course nowadays it’s perfectly acceptable to wear yoga pants (or any workout clothes for that matter) to class without any intention of actually working out, but will this be as normal in 2035? Will the streets run rampant with Lululemon and Athleta? Or will we go back to the basics and throw on a pair of jeans, which have never gone out of style?

Crisscross shirts

Not only are they a great way to show off some skin, they also make for a great party game known as “Count how many girls at the frat party are in crisscross shirts.” The lace-up shirts are taking over, and no one seems to be realizing the resemblance they have to a pirate blouse.


All there is is contour. Contour your cheeks. Contour your nose. Contour your boobs. When does it end? Soon we will be contouring our hands because our fingers just, like, aren’t as skinny as we want them to be. Thank you to the Kardashians for bringing this to light, but thank you even more to the members of the next reality TV family who don’t contour every speck of flesh on their bodies (if they ever come).


Will we look back on this hairstyle and wonder why no one could choose a color? Blonde or brown? It has to be both. It has looked pretty trendy for a while now, but what’s stopping it from sharing the regret stage with choppy layers and extreme side bangs?

Septum piercings

It’s hard to think about a future world where having something hanging out of your nose doesn’t look good, but let’s give it a go. There are pros to a septum piercing, such as the lack of any visible scar, but will future parents look back at their rebellious phase and think “Dang, that septum piercing sure did look good”?


It’s hard to predict whether bralettes will lead to no bras at all or if they will be reflected on in spite as women wonder why they didn’t give the same support as normal bras throughout their young adult years. Either way, they’re cute now, but the long-term effects are inconclusive.

Huge beards

While the beard of the millennial allows young men to stylishly express themselves, it does seem there are some potential cons. For example: food getting stuck in your beard and your significant other not being that into beard rash. Why not just have everyone be cool with men expressing themselves through makeup or jewelry instead of having to kiss your boyfriend with 5 inches of hair on his face?

The good thing about all of these trends is that they look good now, so no one can judge you in the future for being a part of the fads. Plus, you have the right to express yourself in any way you choose, so really, who cares if in 10 years you don’t look as cool in your photos as you once did?

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