5 places around campus that are too crowded at the start of the semester

Ciece Chen/File

The spring 2018 semester is officially underway, which means that the streets of Berkeley that were left to calm and peace over the past month or so are now busy and filled with anxious college students once again. The start of the semester is particularly overwhelming, given that students are swarming certain areas with newfound goals, resolutions or needs. Here are just a few places that will feel more busy during the first couple weeks of the semester.

1. The Recreational Sports Facility

New year’s resolutions, the desire to burn off holiday calories and the semesterly “I’ll work out more this time” thought means UC Berkeley’s household gym is going to be packed for the first couple weeks of the semester. Prepare to wait around if you want to use that bicep machine, and even snagging a spin bike may be a stroke of luck during this time.

2. Student stores

Just need to grab a few new pencils from the student store to start your semester? It may be a struggle, because everyone is gathering their textbooks and school supplies from the student store, not to mention that the checkout line will make you feel like the TSA is in charge.

3. Cafes

You may second-guess how much you need your morning caffeine fix when you realize you’ll have to get up even earlier just to ensure that you get your cup. And finding a place to sit down and work in the more buzzy cafes can be as difficult as finding an on-campus parking spot at times.

4. Trader Joe’s

It makes sense that the quintessential college student grocery store is filled with hungry college students who need to restock the shelves they emptied before leaving last December. Prepare to navigate your cart through a vast sea of people while you search for your fried calamari in Trader Joe’s.

5. Libraries

But really, this one is just crowded year-round and will only get worse.

We wish you godspeed getting around these places during the semester’s start.

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