Border Patrol vehicle spotted near UC Berkeley causes alarm among community members

Sydney Fix/Staff

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Update 01/26/18: This article has been updated to reflect recent developments.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection, or CBP, vehicle was spotted near the UC Berkeley campus Friday morning, causing alarm among community members until it was confirmed that immigration agents had been invited to speak at a campus event.

The vehicle was initially spotted in the Genetics Garage on the northwest side of campus near Barker Hall.

An email from the Undocumented Student Program alleged that the immigration agents were invited to speak on campus by the Global Entry program.

“There is nothing to be alarmed about,” said Undocumented Student Program counselor Liliana Iglesias.

This false alarm comes amid threats of immigration sweeps in the San Francisco Bay Area. Immigration officials are preparing to arrest more than 1,500 undocumented individuals in the Bay Area as a response to California becoming a sanctuary state last year.

The Department of Justice has also threatened to issue a subpoena to the city of Berkeley, among other “sanctuary” jurisdictions, if it does not hand over documents showing whether or not local law enforcement is sharing information with federal immigration authorities.

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  • garyfouse

    It was probably an ICE cream truck.


  • Left Unsaid

    Welcome ICE, Check out the offices of the victimhood majors for likely high concentrations of illegals. We support you and oppose UCB’s traitorous leadership.

  • Ez

    That’s not an ICE vehicle. That’s a CBP Office of Field Operations vehicle. As in, the US Customs officials you speak to when entering the country at a Port of Entry (Airport, land gateway).

    • justbobf

      >>> That’s not an ICE vehicle

      But, the sign does read “Border Protection.”

      • lspanker

        And that of course scares lefties….

  • Jerry Howe

    These vehicles are all over the estuary in Alameda and Oakland, and along the peninsula.
    I would not be alarmed by them. They are merely doing their job.
    Only worry about them if you are breaking the law. What is the big deal ?
    If you have a problem with that, then perhaps you should leave.

  • roccolore

    Mexican supremacists and other racist Democrats triggered like always.

  • Ted Russo

    _uck ANYONE concerned .If you’ve done nothing wrong.No problem.

  • David Calvert


  • J.r. Vazquez

    Hilarious, a car that was invited freaks out the school. Please do this daily!

  • Art Lives

    Seriously there must be 5-10 million illegal aliens in California… completely over-run, this is not America, but some weird cultureless dystopia where no one is quite comfortable, including the illegal aliens.
    Whatever it takes, get the illegal aliens out.

    • John Smith

      Donald? Is that you?

  • I hope they enforce the law

    • Left Unsaid

      A cordon sanitaire at Sather Gate would collect dozens per minute.

  • That Guy

    I got to get me one of those, the new “it” car

  • jeyhovah

    Headline should read: ICE caused concern for some, excitement for others

    • Sharon Goldhammer

      Plenty of illegal aliens at Berkeley. ICE should have had backup and a bus

      • Ramiro Montoya

        Where did you get your last name?
        Obviously is not Native American.

        • Bob

          To be fair, nobody on earth has a last name from the true Native Americans (assuming they had last names) because the Clovis People, as they are now called, died out >10,000 years ago. The Clovis People were the first of 3-4 waves of “Native American” tribes (I’ll use ”Indian” now) to migrate to the Americas from Eurasia. To the extent that Europeans conquered Indians to claim this land, the Europeans actually conquered the tribes who conquered the tribes who conquered the tribes who conquered the Clovis People to claim this land for themselves. So Europeans played by the same rules as the tribes they conquered but, as was inevitable, the more technologically advanced society prevailed.

          The Navajo are a great example of how the subsequent waves of Indian tribes treated their predecessors. The Navajo even brag about taking the lands of existing tribes on the official Navajo website:

          “Wherever [the Navajo a/k/a Dineh’] went — until the white people subdued them — the Dineh’ like the Mongols, were raiders and spoilers. The mystery of the vanished Cliff-Dwellers [the Anasazi] is a mystery no longer when we know the nature of the warriors who came among them. The Zuñis told [U.S. General] Cushing that twenty-two different tribes had been wiped-out by the Enemy people, as they called [the Navajo]; and the walled-up doors of proud Pueblo Bonito testify mutely to the fears of its inhabitants.” (Dane Coolidge, 1930)

          And since we’re being transparent, let’s not forget that the majority of this land was actually empty when settlers arrived because American Indians had no immunity to Eurasian diseases. These diseases literally spread in advance of European settlers killing 95% of the Indian population throughout North America. So Europeans simply settled most of this country, rather then “stealing” it, because there was nobody around to complain.

          Not saying I agree with Ms. Goldhammer but her presence (and presumed citizenship) in this country is legitimate and she should feel no shame in expressing her opinions about U.S. immigration laws. So-called “marginalized people” don’t hold the high ground on this issue unless race is expressly stated (or obviously implied) by someone as a reason for deporting illegal aliens.

        • lspanker

          Neither is yours – sounds like a bunch of Spanish invaders.

          • Ramiro Montoya

            I was born in the American Continent,so my ancestors,
            Like South America.
            No European is going to tell me they have more rights than me in America.
            Specially California,the West,and all the land that was owned by Mexicans.
            I wonder who gets rich stealing natural resources,and placing dictators,militarizing universities,few reasons why people is forced to come to North America,to get part of what has been stolen from them,including EDUCATION.

          • lspanker

            I was born in the American Continent,so my ancestors, Like South America.

            News for you: South America is a separate continent from North America, and even if you’re from North America, it’s not all the same country. That would be as absurd as me deciding I had the same citizenship rights to go to Paraguay or Chile as someone who was born there.

            No European is going to tell me they have more rights than me in America.

            Hmm, your name sounds rather European to me. IIRC it’s a Basque name, more closely related to the Celtic and Iberian folks of southwest Europe than it is to any meso-american indigenous peoples…

            Specially California,the West,and all the land that was owned by Mexicans.
            I wonder who gets rich stealing natural resources

            Google Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo and you might learn something. Apparently the Mexicans had no problem with trading cash for lands, given the sparse population of those lands at the time (less than 1% of the current population) and in fact sold us all the land south of the Gila River in AZ a few years later (Gadsden Purchase). The vast majority of Mexican inhabitants of California didn’t have so much of a problem either, as they elected to become American citizens and stay in California, an option that was extended to them by treaty.

            and placing dictators

            You mean like: Agustín de Iturbide, Antonio López de Santa Anna, Porfirio Díaz, and
            Victoriano Huerta of Mexico? How about the Perons in Argentina, Castro in Cuba, Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela, and just about every other leader of Paraguay?

            militarizing universities

            You mean like the Mexican Army’s occupation of UNAM n 1968, right?

            why people is forced to come to North America

            Hmm, maybe English isn’t your first language?

            to get part of what has been stolen from them,including EDUCATION.

            You think Americans went to Latin America to steal their education? JFC, you’re clearly one of La Raza loonies, no wonder nobody takes you seriously around here.

          • Ramiro Montoya

            You need to take some basic geography classes.
            Stop calling USA America.
            America is a whole continent.
            North,Central,and South America are all in the American

          • Ramiro Montoya

            You’re wrong about my ancestry.
            How many languages can you speak?Hmm

          • Ramiro Montoya

            Do some research,and you can discover who put all dictators in their temporary thrones.
            Some Cubans changed their names by the way.

          • Ramiro Montoya

            Take basic Geography classes,you may be less ignorant.