Different people’s reactions to rainy days in Berkeley

William Bennett/Staff

While we’re facing nowhere near as much rain as we did last spring semester, there’s been some gloom and[ some] precipitation in the first few weeks of this semester. It’s all a part of the Bay Area charm, as is, apparently, rain with completely sunny skies and even a rainbow in sight, as we were fortunate and confused enough to experience last week. Depending on where we’re from, we all handle the rainy season a little bit differently (yes, we’re absolutely subtweeting anyone from SoCal).

The stubborn umbrella-holder on the windiest of rainy days

We all have genuinely either laughed at or felt pity for that one determined Golden Bear who simply wishes to use the umbrella they bought just for their years in the Bay. A lot of rainy days, however, are surprisingly not conducive to umbrella-holding, and that’s because of the umbrella’s true mortal enemy — wind. Therefore, this umbrella that they so desperately want to use is turned inside out, upside down and backward, and they end up spending more time fixing their umbrella throughout the day than they do on their CS 70 homework. Our thoughts go out to all of you who identify within this category, and we hope the determination persists, if only for our amusement.

The outdoorsy type

Some aren’t phased whatsoever by these water droplets, no matter their abundance. Perhaps they’re from Seattle; perhaps they’re just having a really good time. The world may never know. But to see some brave souls walking around in a T-shirt and shorts on rainy days really reminds the inferior rest of us that showing courage in any situation truly can have an impact on those around you. Next time you see someone like this, ask them when the they last went camping. Ten bucks that it was within the past month.

The overly prepared Type A superstar

When you’re just absolutely sure that someone had to have a tiger mom growing up because of how Type A their personality is — this is who we are referring to. This is the person that wears a floor-length rain poncho so that their backpack’s covered as well as every square inch of their body. This is the person who wears knee-high rain boots when they see a puddle from their window that turns out to just be from a sprinkler. We must do our best to try to love them anyway.

The SoCal girl who straightened her hair and put nonwaterproof mascara on

Others employ an impractical “beauty over comfort and reality” mentality. When you’ve spotted the combination of black Hunter rain boots, Lululemon leggings and a North Face rain jacket, you’ve found who we’re describing. For them, the rain is simply an icky phenomenon that severely inconveniences their biweekly outfit rotation and that undoes all of the product put in their hair that morning. Hopefully they have a trendy umbrella to cover their face, or the raccoon effect from their mascara will surely scare anyone who gets too close.

Happy rainy season, y’all!

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