Why 8 a.m. classes are the start time you actually need

Beverly Pan/Staff

For many UC Berkeley students, 8 a.m. classes are the worst thing to exist. Just ask your roommate who had no choice but to take the morning lecture for organic chemistry. Since we all must suffer through four years of ridiculous grading rubrics together, why not take the time to find the positives of early-morning classes? Besides, after the first round of midterms, there will be more painful things to cry about.

Take the opportunity  of walking to your 8 a.m.’s to have some time for yourself and live for a few moments with mental clarity.

In order for the full effect of this, you probably have to get to campus about 7:50. If you do this for long enough, though, you should feel rejuvenated and may end up deciding on dropping that RSF yoga class your friends keep pressuring you to take with them. Berkeley can be overwhelming, and having time for yourself can be limited to a few minutes a day. If you maintain the healthy practice of finding fulfillment in making time for yourself, you’ll successfully reverse the effects of stressing over an activity that doesn’t have to be stressful in the first place.

8 a.m.’s give you something to brag about when you don’t have the units to make up for it.

The beginning of the semester is a harbinger for people comparing class schedules and developing superiority complexes. Now that you’re taking an 8 a.m., take this opportunity to tell everyone about it. Then, if anyone asks you about the number of units you are taking, fib about dropping the yoga class you didn’t end up needing. They don’t have to know the truth.

Use this decision to impress your parents, who have not yet given up on you completely.

You can still redeem your parents’ trust and love by demonstrating your competency in college. Let’s be frank, it’s unreasonable to think that taking an 8 a.m. will make them forget about how you wasted dead week last semester surfing on the meme page, but it’s a start. Better late than never. If you really want to prove that you’ve turned over a new leaf, make any 8 a.m.’s you end up taking super chill and just get an A in the classes.

You have the chance to end classes early for the day.

If you take an 8 a.m., you’ve effectively created an opening for when you could take any later classes. As a result, you end up with a schedule where you have class for no later than 3 p.m. or so. It’s less stressful to know beforehand that you don’t have to run to a class right after dinner. If you’re a particularly involved student (campus clubs, volunteering, Greek life, etc.), then 8 a.m.’s are practically made for you.

Get prerequisite classes done.

Now that you’ve been enlightened by the many wonders of 8 a.m.’s, you’ve attained the newfound wisdom that taking a prereq at 8 a.m. as a sophomore is a much sweeter deal than taking it at 2 p.m. as a senior. Because many “unwoke” students tend to dwell on the cons of taking an 8 a.m., it’s difficult for them to utilize the option to the fullest. Don’t be like Johnny. Be like not-Johnny. You got this. Just get it done now. You will thank past self when you see your STEM friend hyperventilating during Phase 2.

See? Things could be more grim. 8 a.m.’s are not just for your friend who makes homemade kombucha. You can still take an 8 a.m. and be someone who has a separate alarm for when to eat Taco Bell leftovers. The issue was never that you couldn’t take 8 a.m.’s. It was that you had no reason to. Hopefully you can use this article as a means of motivation to take an 8 a.m. If you still do New Year’s resolutions, consider embarking on an 8 a.m. class as one.

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