Independent organization to review UCPD response to labor protest, arrest

Amanda Ramirez/File

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Campus officials announced their plans to hire an independent and external organization to review UCPD’s actions during the Feb. 1 UC workers protest in a campuswide email sent Tuesday evening. 

The message, which was sent by Vice Chancellor of Administration Marc Fisher, said UCPD Chief Margo Bennett made the recommendation for an external organization to conduct a review and that Fisher himself has accepted the suggestion. According to campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof, the only actions that will be examined are the blocking of traffic, the confrontation with the driver of a vehicle that went through traffic and the arrest of campus employee David Cole.

The review is meant to help officials understand how the events on the day of the protest unfolded and whether the actions of the UCPD officers were consistent with UCPD guidelines, Fisher said in the message. He also briefly mentioned a planned “broad conversation” involving a “cross-section of our campus community” to better communicate UC Berkeley’s community principles.

“We believe Berkeley can and should maintain a positive relationship between our police force and the community it serves,” Fisher said in the message. “Our goal is to be a campus where every student, faculty, and staff member feels safe, respected and welcome.”

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  • here we go again…

  • SMH

    – – – –

    Re the UC Berkeley Black union activist & employee slammed to the ground and arrested by UCPD:


    And the university (spokesperson, who probably wasn’t even there) backing up the *PIGS*, word for word.

    The *PIGS* celebrating the very first day of Black History month — even in 2018 — the old-fashion Jim Crow cops/*PIGS* way — as in, ‘GET ON THE GROUNNND, NI**ER…, SO WE CAN GRIND OUR KNEEES INTO THE BACK OF YOUR NECK AND PUSH YOUR FACE INTO THE ASPHALT!’

    [The UCPD has a *RECORD* of blatant brutality even against young white female academics/professors and white elderly people, WHO WERE PEACEFULLY & VOLUNTARILY *SUBMITTING* TO ARREST, as in the former UC Berkeley Occupy movement.]

    See video and coverage of the Black arrest from “KPIX 5” TV news, San Francisco:

    I sure hope that the African American victim, David Cole, THE ONLY PERSON ARRESTED, has already gotten, or is getting, an attorney (his own attorney) right away and suing the UCPD and the university. Do not rely on the supposed ‘good graces’ of the university. Do not wait for some dammn university so-called “study” or “review”. The university/UCPD have had those “studies” and “reviews” before about UCPD brutality or excessive actions, and obviously the UCPD, right along with the other *PIGS*, have learned nothing new.

    When the 21 UC Davis students were pepper-sprayed directly in their faces and directly around their bodies during their nonviolent (and even silent) demonstration, while merely sitting mostly on the grass and a sidewalk on their own campus in 2011, they ended up getting ~$30,000 each, after suing the UCPD and the university there for _EXCESSIVE FORCE_ and _VIOLATING THEIR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS_, among other legal complaints.

    – – – –

    • lspanker

      The fact that the idiot vandalized a vehicle means nothing to you, does it? In addition, was the N-word used in this event, by the cops or anyone else?

      Loonies like you do NOTHING to help black folks or improve their image in the eyes of mainstream America.

      • SMH

        lspanker: “Loonies like you do NOTHING to help black folks or improve their image in the eyes of mainstream America.”

        We’re a discredit to our race, huh, lspanker?

        I guess that’s why there were so many other UC Berkeley minorities, as well as white allies, too, at the anti-police brutality demonstration (today, Wed, Feb 7, from noon to 1pm) on the Berkeley campus in front of California Hall today, huh, lspanker?


        lspanker [alt-right white doofus]: “In addition, was the N-word used?”

        Actually, you probably say it enough for every white doof, huh lspanker?

        Thanks for straightening us out, lspanker… What would we do without you?