Editor’s note: Sex Ed


Berkeley is defended by a growing number of activists, educators and allies who have made it their mission to support survivors, fight for women and trans people’s bodily autonomy, expand access to reproductive healthcare,  enforce a culture of enthusiastic consent and shed light on diverse sexual identities. We celebrate them in this issue for all of their efforts to empower us, just as we aim to highlight unique perspectives and capture Berkeley’s sex culture from as many angles as we can.

At a campus where dozens of reports have been made against faculty for sexual misconduct, we too often turn away from cases of harassment and assault — and in doing so, we allow it to happen over and over again.

For every passionate, loving or supportive sexual experience, there is one that is equally complicated, harmful or problematic. With such a diverse array of ways through which we interact with sex and sexuality, it is important that we constantly strive to learn more.

Arm yourselves with knowledge, acquaint yourselves with the experiences of others — both their joys and their hardships. Broaden your horizons beyond the dominant narrative — the narrative of the white, cisgender male. Be willing to expand upon your understanding, and enjoy The Daily Californian’s 2018 sex issue.

Shannon O’Hara is the special issues editor. Contact her at [email protected].

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  • lspanker

    So you want to actively introduce sexually-related conversation and subject material into daily campus life, while simultaneously on the warpath to smear and deprive others of their livelihood in the pursuit of your crusade against “sexual harassment”. You are one sadly confused group of young ladies. You’re like the attention-starved woman who wears revealing outfits to work and always jokes about her breasts and butt in front of the guys in the office, but claims victimization when she gets a response from one of them…