Berkeley College Republicans to host Conservative Women in Media panel

Maryam Eldeeb/Staff

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Berkeley College Republicans, or BCR, is hosting a Conservative Women in Media panel Thursday, with speakers including Conservative Review TV podcast host Allie Stuckey, founder of Lone Conservative Kassy Dillon and Antonia Okafor, an advocate for students’ rights to carry concealed weapons on campuses.

Dillon described the event in a tweet as “three pro-life, pro-Israel, and pro-2A women” walking into a liberal campus. Her website, Lone Conservative, is a platform aimed at college students and recent graduates, and it encourages participants to discuss politics, current events and conservative campus culture. Dillon is currently a student at Mount Holyoke College, according to Berkeley College Republicans President Bradley Devlin.

“(We’re) hosting the event to promote intellectual diversity on campus,” Devlin said, citing the event as an opportunity to hear a “different perspective than you normally hear on this hyperliberal campus.”

The event has garnered less attention than previous BCR campus events. Last February, the planned appearance of Milo Yiannopoulos was met with protests that resulted in the event’s cancellation. After the February protest, Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro and other guests were invited to speak on campus, but some were met with administrative difficulties. Coulter, specifically, canceled her appearance after losing the support and partial funding of the Young America’s Foundation.

Campus sophomore Eric Lee, who attended the February protest, said Yiannopoulos’ event garnered more attention because of Yiannopoulos’ high profile nature.

“People recognize his name more,” Lee said. “I also feel like a lot of students were there last time because they saw how big it was and were there to witness it rather than actively protest.” Lee added he will not attend the Conservative Women in Media panel.

Devlin attributes the lack of protest of Thursday’s panel to the event’s smaller size. The panel is set to be held in 2040 Valley Life Sciences Buildings, which limits attendance to roughly 160. Devlin said BCR is hoping the event will sell out despite the fact that multiple posters for the event had been “systematically destroyed.”

Founder and co-president of BridgeUSA Pranav Jandhyala, who will be attending the event, said he didn’t anticipate many protests regarding the event in part because the individuals were less controversial than previous speakers. Jandhyala also emphasized the dialogue aspect of the event, as opposed to an individual speech, stating dialogue events result in “the most thoughtful” conversations and discussions.

“(BridgeUSA encourages) all students to go and share their views and engage with the speakers. I think it’s a great opportunity for everyone whether you’re a liberal or conservative,” Jandhyala said. “It shouldn’t cause controversy … and if it does cause controversy, then (that’s) indicative of some bigger problems.”

Elena Aguirre covers student life. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @eaguirreDC.

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  • Peter Kleinman

    Thanks right, Daily Cal, be sure the “Pro-Israel” ‘Trump for Israel’ photo is front page and above the fold.
    Why does a public university work as a platform for Zionism?

    • Killer Marmot

      A public university should allow all views to be aired, even ones you disapprove of.

      • Peter Kleinman

        Some views are more equal than others. A front page display is not a view; it’s an advertisement.

    • roccolore

      Fascist Democrats like you defend the Muslim Brotherhood Student Association and others that advocate the elimination of Israel

  • BerkPed

    Are the Berkeley College Republicans still aligning themselves with Identity Europa and Martin Sellner?

    What does BCR see as the difference between the white identity politics of Identity Europa, and their own anti-feminist message, and those of the Florida school shooter’s organization “Republic of Florida”?

    ““There’s a very real sense of feminism being a cancer.” — Republic of Florida leader
    “Feminism is Cancer” — Milo Y., guest speaker invited by BCR

    • roccolore

      Fascist Democrats like you hate free speech. You also support MS-13 and copkillers.

    • Bob

      BerkPedo, what does white identity politics have to do with feminism?

  • BerkPed

    Sad that the BCR is advertising its talk with a giant gun on the day of a school shooting that killed 17 people.

    • BerCaley

      Sad but average for them.

      • lspanker

        Even sadder is that people like you are so scared to death of them that you have a total freak-out if they even show up on campus.

        • BerCaley

          Booby, why do you think I’m scared (to death, no less) that the BCR wants to invite some idiot like Okafor? She isn’t going to convince anyone of anything and like your boy Milo, she isn’t meant to.

          However, that she has to display her guns rather than her ideas is sad but average for y’all. Good luck with that.

          • roccolore

            Fascist Democrats like you are afraid of dissent and debate.

    • roccolore

      Fascist Democrats like you are cowards.