It’s a little corny: The best tortilla chips for National Tortilla Chip Day

Deborah Chen/Staff

Chips belong in your mouth, not your shoulder. Let’s be honest — we’ve all had a bad tortilla chip experience. We’re talking about mid-dip into guacamole and half of it decides to break into a million different pieces. Now you look like an asshole because it’s the communal bowl. Or when you pick up a seemingly harmless chip, but after a quick bite, you realize that it’s insanely salty and it ruins your ultimate dipping experience. These are real problems that one faces when encountering a “bad chip.” Don’t let this be you on National Tortilla Chip Day on Feb. 24. You’ll be doing yourself and everyone else a favor — trust us on this one. Instead, try any of the options below for a much more pleasant (and perhaps even life-changing) tortilla chip experience.

Sabor Mexicano Homemade Corn Chips

This may or may not be the best tortilla chip of all time. With ingredients sourced from a farm in Sonoma County and made right here in Berkeley, Sabor Mexicano is no joke. Sturdy enough to take on the chunkiest guac and tasty enough to be eaten alone, this one’s a real winner. With the slightest hint of lime, this chip packs a delightful tang. This company is focused on farm-to-table practices, and because of that, the chips made of simple and real ingredients — no funny business here.

Have’a Corn Chips

Soy sauce on tortilla chips? You’ve gotta be kidding us. But hear us out — the soy sauce is a major game-changer. A favorite among many, this Orange County-based company serves tortilla chips like no other. Often called the “gourmet” tortilla chip, this one’s hard to beat. Have’a Corn Chips packs a boatload of flavor into a single chip. It pairs nicely with your choice of dip and can even be enjoyed on its own. Don’t let the soy sauce deter you from this one — this is the real deal! Hop on the bandwagon, because Have’a Corn Chips is onto something!

Casa Sanchez Tortilla Chips

Another Bay Area company, Casa Sanchez has been serving tasty chips and dip since the 1920s. Offering two variations, thick and crispy or thin and light, this one’s definitely a crowd pleaser. This family-owned company sure does know a thing or two about tortilla chips. Grab yourself a bag of yummy chips and a pint of their guacamole and/or salsa for the perfect combination.

Garden of Eatin’ Blue Corn Chips

Colored corn is always exciting, especially when it’s in chip form. Made with organic blue corn, this one packs the perfect crunch and dash of salt. If you’re not a salty person, opt for the unsalted version for an equally satisfying pairing to your guacamole or salsa. Simplicity is key, and Garden of Eatin’ serves just that and even more.

Late July Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips

Thin and crispy, Late July offers the perfect pairing to your pico de gallo. Although this brand does serve other kinds of tortilla chips such as multigrain, the real star is its restaurant-style version. This one’s super crunchy without breaking your teeth and doesn’t burn your tongue with the amount of sea salt on it. It’s lightly salted and has an option for organic lime if you’re feeling festive. We can guarantee that you’ll be going back for seconds on this one.

Repress your bad chip experiences and move on to greener pastures. Say goodbye to fishing for broken chip pieces in the communal bowl and consuming overly salty and oily tortilla chips, and say hello to crunchy chips that can hold an absurd amount of guacamole and are tasty enough to be eaten without any dip.

Allison Fong writes the weekly blog column on places and activities to try in and around Berkeley. Contact her at [email protected].