Editors’ Note: Feb. 25

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This week, the Weekender delves into the mind, exploring the intricacies of our psychological makeup from our emotions to our subconscious.

This issue features a back-and-forth with renowned psychologist and UC Berkeley professor, Dacher Keltner. Staff writer Jacqueline Moran had the opportunity to talk with him about his revolutionary research on emotions and his involvement in well-known projects such as the award-winning Pixar film, “Inside Out.”

We are also taking a look at a substance with a profound effect on the brain: Cannabis. Weekender staff writers Alex Jimenez, Grace Vogel and Anna Tseselsky attended a conference titled “The Science of Cannabis,” which was hosted by the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley. In this feature piece, they take a look at the psychology behind weed, as well as methods of production and the many ways it has evolved.

Exploring the subconscious realm, staff writer Kathryn Kemp wrote a commentary about dreams and the process of interpreting the bizarre visions we have while we sleep. Edrick Sabalburo contributed an eerie short story exploring sensations of incorporeality and disembodiment.

This week also features a piece about emotional support animals, highlighting the specific efforts of the campus organization De-stress with Dogs. Check out this commentary written by staff writer, Madelyn Peterson.  

Also included in this issue is a thoughtful commentary piece by Kat Fadrilan that was featured as part of the #MeToo 2018 impact issue. Check that out here.

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