ICE detains at least 11 individuals in Northern California, 2 in East Bay during weekend

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, arrested at least 11 individuals in Northern California, including two in the East Bay, over the weekend.

Five arrests occurred in Merced County, two in Sacramento County, one in Monterey County and one in Napa County, according to a statement released by Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín on Monday morning.

The conduct and manner of these operations once again provides clear evidence that this administration uses enforcement to terrorize communities of color and bully cities and jurisdictions which have protected due process with ‘Sanctuary’ policies,” Arreguín said in the statement.

News of these arrests comes after Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf warned the community of ICE raids in a press release Saturday night. Schaaf said in the release that she learned of the potential operations from multiple credible sources and urged residents to avoid panic and to prepare instead.

In January, immigration officials were reportedly preparing to arrest 1,500 undocumented individuals in Northern California. In response to these arrests and raids, immigration lawyers and activists are encouraging individuals to learn about their rights.

Leti Volpp, a UC Berkeley law professor, previously told The Daily Californian that those who may be affected by the ICE raids should remain silent, ask to speak with a lawyer and not sign any documents before first speaking to a lawyer.

In his statement Monday morning, Arreguín urged Californians “to learn their basic constitutional rights” and to verify information before posting on social media. The Bay Area has been mobilized in the past few months with periodic warnings of ICE raids surfacing on social media, some of which were found to be false.

“We must always question the claims ICE makes about its operations, which all too often have proven embarrassingly false,” Arreguín said in his statement.  “ICE’s tactics continue to undermine trust and cause widespread fear within our communities. We will continue to stand up for our values and respond with power, not panic.”

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