The 10 types of people you’ll definitely see in every lecture

Kore Chan/File

As college students, there’s nothing we want to do less than spend our days in a lecture hall of 500 people five days a week. But alas, this is what we must do. In these lecture halls, we often run into similar types of people. Here’s a rundown on the types of people you’ll encounter during lecture.

The leg shaker

Tapping your leg is fine, but stomping is not. We’re in lecture, not a step team tryout. We also didn’t realize that we were on the set of “Happy Feet.” If the person next to you is literally vibrating in their seat, maybe you’re shaking your leg a tad too hard. Just a little.

The long-limbed individual

If you take up both armrests, you’re actually the worst person ever. There are enough armrests in this lecture hall for everyone to have one armrest. Don’t be selfish. Other individuals also need a place to rest their not-so-long limbs!

The conversationalist

Wow! That’s a great conversation you’re having with your friend — too bad it’s not on the test or going to help the rest of us get a degree! Also, here’s a reminder to use your whisper voice, because even though you’re attempting to whisper, you’re actually screaming. Yes, we all want to pay thousands of dollars to hear about how wasted you were the other night.

The hungry hungry hippo

Not only is the sound of you munching on a bag of chips — or for our healthy individuals, apples and carrots — distracting, but it’s also super annoying. It’s hard enough to hear what the professor is saying considering our friend, the conversationalist, is having a full-on discussion behind us.

The social media influencer

With Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and maybe even LinkedIn, this individual has all hands on deck. They’re constantly switching between tabs on their laptop from one social media site to another. Maybe they’re even checking social media on their phone at the same time! They’re clicking that refresh button like it’s nobody’s business — being a social media influencer and a college student is a tough job.

The shopaholic

We’re talking about the person who has 10 tabs open on their web browser — all of which are shopping sites. They’re scrolling through the sites and adding a bunch of stuff to their carts with the intention of only really buying one item. We get it — we’re all trying to ball on a budget.

The patron of the arts

This person can be found listening to music in one ear, watching a YouTube video or Netflix, possibly playing a game and paying attention to lecture all at the same time! Practically a magician, this person can really do it all. Most of us can barely chew gum and talk at the same time. Kudos to you.

The sleepyhead

Located in the back of the lecture hall, this person is conscious for maybe 10 percent of the lecture. The other 90 percent is spent in deep sleep. Maybe they’re bored, they didn’t get enough sleep the night before, or perhaps a combination of both. This person’s usually not a huge issue unless they’re — you guessed it — snoring.

The know-it-all

Unless your name is Google, stop acting like you know everything. This person always asks the professor really complicated questions when the rest of the class is so lost they don’t even know what questions to ask.

The competitive one

iClicker questions are typically anonymous, but this individual will definitely let you know if they got it right or wrong. Not only are you this person’s competition, but so is the professor. This competitive side is probably due to the person’s background in speech and debate, and you better believe that they’ll try to debate the professor.

How many of these people can you spot in your lecture?

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