5 crucial chip flavors you won’t want to miss this National Potato Chip Day

Daniela Cervantes/Staff

If you don’t already, you should have March 14 circled, highlighted and underlined about three times in your virtual calendar, and no, it’s not because it’s Pi Day. It’s also a saltier, sweeter and, in some cases, even a spicier day, dedicated to a different kind of food group altogether. Yes, that’s right — March 14 is, in fact, National Potato Chip Day.

While potato chips may not be the first food that comes to mind when you consider what makes your mouth salivate and your heart skip a beat, this loyal snack plays a greater role in our lives than we probably realize. It has a beautiful way of bringing friends together, motivating you through your roughest school nights and dissolving your hangover in a matter of minutes. In honor of National Potato Chip Day, we’ve noted some our favorites below.

Sour cream & onion Lays
You can’t go wrong with these. A go-to for any party or casual gathering, these beloved chips are guaranteed to satisfy all your cravings. They’re also bound to form friendships, as they draw a number of onlookers to the same table in a perfect environment for getting to know one another.

Salt & fresh ground pepper Kettle Brand chips
This one’s a classic because it’s fairly simple, but a touch of pepper adds a nice kick. We recommend snacking on these while you watch your favorite movie or settle on a Netflix marathon. It makes an ideal stress food — perfect as you stare intently at your screen during a suspenseful episode of “Stranger Things.”

Miss Vickie’s sea salt & vinegar
These are another type of kettle chips, so you’ll be happy to find a hard crunch in every bite. They’re best if you find yourself getting tired of other dull chip flavors. The sharp Vickie’s flavor will mostly make you pucker your tongue, but if you’re into a mild (or intense) level of acid, you won’t be able to get enough.

Original Terra Chips
These ones are great if you’re trying to counter that #freshman15. Made from real whole vegetables, Terra boasts carrots, beets, plantains and so much more. Not to mention that it promises plenty of benefits for the environmental science major, who would be pleased to find that the company partners with organizations that promote biodiversity and sustainability.

365 Everyday Value barbecue potato chips
Barbecue potato chips make an ideal side dish to just about any burger or chicken sandwich, adding just the right amount of sweet and zesty. Not to mention that if you’re vegetarian, it’ll offer some insight into the exquisite sauce that meat lovers rave about.

We at the Clog are strong believers in the importance of the potato chip, so this National Potato Chip Day, make your way over to your local Safeway and/or Whole Foods and flaunt your potato chip love.

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