Editors’ Note: Mar. 18

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Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

This week the Weekender explores a range of creative themes and genres — everything from a popular anime series to the recent rise in popularity of dystopian literature.

Staff writer Alejandra Dechet sat down with UC Berkeley professor and children’s literature author Anne Nesbet. Check out what Nesbet has to say about her recent projects as well as the sources of inspiration behind her lively and colorful narratives in this back & forth.

Exploring a different genre of literature, staff writer Elizabeth Neoman looks into the correlation between the current political climate and the sudden increase in sales for a number of popular dystopian novels. She discusses everything from George Orwell’s “1984” to Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games” in this commentary piece.

Taking a look at anime, “Cowboy Bebop,” the popular cross-genre anime series, is approaching its 20th anniversary. Angela Yin discusses how this series formed its legacy and why its contradictory nature makes it so appealing.

In the portfolio section, we have two pieces contributed by staff writers, including a poem by Olivia Staser titled “Plastic Flowers.” Brianna Brann also wrote a personal essay that considers the value of mundane, everyday experiences as well as the extraordinary.

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