Editors’ note: Mar. 25

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Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

On March 23, 1868, the charter to establish UC Berkeley was officially signed. 150 years later, we continue to celebrate this institution and the many ways it has grown since its humble beginnings. Staff writer Anna Ho researched the history of the campus’s architecture — everything from the first purchase of land overlooking the Bay to the construction of its oldest building, South Hall. Check out this feature piece — also included in the Charter Day issue — here.

Staff writer Arianna Moss also dove into UC Berkeley’s past, but with a different focus. This feature looks into the dark secrets behind the university’s history, from exploitative research projects to the laboratory science behind the deadliest weapons. Take a look at this Charter Day piece here.

Continuing to ponder the past, Kat Fadrilan wrote a commentary about feelings of nostalgia, considering how we idolize the past as well as ways to begin looking toward the future. You can read this commentary here.

Moving into Berkeley’s present, we have a feature piece that discusses the “revolving doors” of local businesses. Staff writer Sophie Haas spoke with the owner of the new restaurant, Into the Wood. See what he has to say about these fast-paced changes here.

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