How to get over the fact that finals are in just over 1 month

Jessica Khauv/Staff

Just a few more weeks to go! Now that our brief taste of summer break has come to a close, the looming dread of deadlines and last-minute studying have yet to settle in. Besides the option of diligently working until each day seems to blend into the next and time itself falls apart, here are some other ways you can avoid facing the cruel realization of the end of the semester.

Go to committee meetings for a club you’ve neglected during midterm crunch

Let the wave of first-semester nostalgia take control. Now that most of the semester’s midterms have passed, use that extra time you have to pay a visit to that student organization you’ve neglected for so long. Hopefully, you get roped up into some tasks that can temporarily assist you in forgetting about all the lectures you have to go through during dead week.

Start a summer countdown on your phone

How about switching things up and instead of building anxiety for each day that gets closer to dead week, you feel more excitement for each day that gets closer to summer? It’s already hard to ignore with the wonderful weather that UC Berkeley has to offer, so why fight the feeling? If you can’t seem to get rid of the itch of preparing for finals, you could always study on Memorial Glade, where the sun shines nonstop.

Eat more citrus

Not only does citrus come in a pleasant array of bright colors, but it also just tastes great! For all you folks who tend to get sick around finals, stock up on citrus before you risk having a bad finals week. By eating more oranges and grapefruit, you can boost your immune system with the natural Vitamin C stored in every bite. If you get sick of eating citrus, you could simply add it to your water to flavor it or use it to bake with friends!

Clear your workspace

Close all those extra tabs you no longer need! Wipe down your laptop and study area. If you don’t need it at the moment, leave it out of your sight. The last thing you need is to be reminded of anything stressful. The time will come for that. You will find yourself just generally happier and increasingly focused without feeling pressured.

Occupy yourself by planning more outings with your friends

Eventually, you may have to temporarily say goodbye to your UC Berkeley pals, so why not make these last few weeks count? Instead of eating dinner by yourself, plan a dinner date at your favorite eatery. Even something simple such as an ice cream break between classes will work. Remind yourself of the times you are glad to be in college instead of the times you regret it.

Whether this be your first or last round of finals, it is easy to feel the time crunch as classes seem to suddenly get harder and deadlines are more squished together. But it is important to consider how productive you really are when relaxed and confident versus when you’re genuinely unmotivated. Now’s the time to start reviewing things you are confident in. Remind yourself of your abilities rather than your weaknesses, because you’ve probably done plenty of that since your first midterm.

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