Here’s the scoop: Reasons to visit the Museum of Ice Cream

Eunice Han/Courtesy

Don’t you just love ice cream? It’s the perfect treat for any occasion. Are you feeling sad? Get some ice cream and you’ll feel 10 times better. Did you just ace that midterm that you totally thought you were going to fail? Get some ice cream to celebrate. Thank you, ice cream, for always being there for us. How will we ever thank you for all the joy you bring into our lives? Oh wait, there is a museum dedicated to celebrating you and all your glory! The Museum of Ice Cream is the perfect place to spend your weekend if you’re looking to eat some sweets, take some aesthetic photos for Instagram or just enjoy a day full of fun. Here are some reasons why you should visit the happiest place on earth – and we’re not talking about Disneyland.


So many goodies

We cannot begin to describe all the treats you’ll be greeted by at the Museum of Ice Cream. Soft serve ice cream, cotton candy (made right in front of you), popsicles and mint mochi are some of the many sweets that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth during your tour of the museum!

Creative exhibits

The museum does a fantastic job in enhancing every one of its exhibits with vibrant colors and extremely Instagram-worthy attractions. We promise that in every room you go into, you’ll feel the need to take a photo! It’s just that cool.


Doing it for the ‘gram

This leads us to our third reason why you should visit the Museum of Ice Cream. The creative exhibits are the perfect places for you to take your next Instagram post. You can take a photo in front of literally anything in the museum (even the trash cans) and it’ll look aesthetically pleasing. The mirrored room and the banana swings are some of the most popular attractions at the museum. Be sure to be basic and take your photos there.


The pool of sprinkles

Yup, you heard that right. There is an entire pool of sprinkles. Take off your shoes and dive right in. For some, it’s like their childhood dream come true (minus the part where you indulge in the sprinkles — sad, we know). But enjoy it while it lasts, because you only have two minutes. Be cautious when you enter the pool because, like with sand from the beach, you’ll find sprinkles in random places in your clothing and in your home.

If you’re interested in visiting the Museum of Ice Cream, we encourage you to get your tickets ASAP because they sell out rather quickly. Don’t let the price scare you. Although it’s about $38 per person, you’ll get to eat so many mouthwatering treats and get perfect shots for the ‘gram. The Museum of Ice Cream is hosted in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami. As of now, the museum in San Francisco will be open until May of this year. But there’s a chance it’ll extend its stay once more (as it has the past two times).

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