An ode to doing absolutely nothing over spring break

David Rodriguez/Staff

‘Twas the Friday before spring break,

And classes were over

And the student was ready

To rest and recover.


It would be a beautiful time —

No need to stress or cry.  

It would be a time of rest —

No more being sleep deprived.


Of course there still

Was work to do.

It’s not just rest

Got to progress, too!


And so the student began break

With great drive and ambition —

This was the moment, the time to

Get. Shit. Done.


And so the weekend comes and goes

With nothing completed,

But the first few days are for chillin’ —

Stop being so defeatist!


Yet still one day comes

And then another

Should’ve started a while ago

But it’s all such a bother.


The student falls asleep on the couch

After climbing out of bed.

Food, rest, Netflix galore

Oh, sweet heavens, where have you been?


The clock is ticking and ticking —

Progress becomes wishful. 

Still almost nothing is done,

It’s not even pitiful.


And now the end is nigh

And what are we still missing?

The list goes on:

Two essays, a midterm, wait — how many readings?


The student arrives back on campus

And at their very first step

Breaks down into tears



Now ‘tis the week after spring break

And the apocalypse has come.

Just one more month left

Can’t wait to be done :’(

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