What your watch says about you

Isabella Schreiber/File

What time is it? More like what month are we in? Whether your watch is sophisticated enough to be able to answer both of those questions or not, it does say a lot about you. Here are the observations we’ve gathered about watch-wearers and their respective timepieces.

No watch

You just don’t care at this point. If you really wanted to know, you could just check your phone, since it’s always in your hand anyway. You may come off as hard to get along with, but your priority isn’t to get along with everyone anyway, so you don’t mind if your first impressions aren’t always as the most affable person on campus.

Dainty leather-strap

You’re probably a really chill person from the get-go. It takes a lot to get on your nerves. You probably do well in classes, and you know it. Though you seem very approachable, you tend to prefer hanging around the same people for comfort and fun. You value your looks a lot and seek ways to stay on top of fashion trends. When it comes to appearances, you value blending in with the crowd more than necessarily wearing what you feel like wearing.  


You’re a really sweet, charming person, and tend to struggle with social media. You value face-to-face interactions, and your peers respect you for that. You’re still young at heart and don’t let yourself be judged for it. You likely relish problem-solving and thinking before speaking. You have a few good friends who share many of your interests.


You actually use your watch to tell time.


“It goes with my outfit.”

You wear it on your dominant hand

You like to find loopholes in everything, but you prefer to keep your observations to yourself. You also probably think you’re making your life easier by taking new perspectives, but sometimes you ignore the fact that it’s making your life harder in some ways. You rely on your experiences more than on the experiences and theories of others to make decisions. Your peers probably make you feel like you’re funny, but in reality, you aren’t.

A Fitbit/noncircular interface

Either you need to tell time, but you don’t want to come off as a “nerd,” or you got it as a gift. You, therefore, are either very active or just break watches a lot. You may also either be very agile and coordinated or particularly clumsy. You’re either very noticeable without trying or very unnoticeable even after trying a lot to be noticed. You are either the type to ask someone out confidently or never speak to your crush ever. 

Whatever watch you may wear or not wear, time is never on our side. Go Bears!

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