Opinion: How should police serve and protect?

Alexander Hong/Staff

In light of recent police-related controversies, here are some differing perspectives on police presence in the Berkeley community.

Editorial: Berkeley City Council must stop avoiding the much-needed conversation about police oversight

Berkeley likes to tout itself as a forward-thinking haven. Its politicians and public figures pay lip service to progressive ideals. So let’s take a quick look at the city’s track record on adequate police oversight.

— Editorial Board,
The Daily Californian

Op-Ed: The Berkeley community needs better police oversight

Why must we choose between safety and security, on one hand, and our constitutional rights on the other? That’s like choosing between peace and justice, or freedom and democracy.

George Lippman,
vice chair of the Berkeley Police Review Commission

Transcript: UCPD Chief Margo Bennett talks community trust, officer training

A member of The Daily Californian’s Editorial Board, Ella Jensen, sat down with UCPD Chief Margo Bennett on Thursday to hear from her on relevant issues regarding campus policing.

Ella Jensen,
member of The Daily Californian’s Editorial Board

Op-Ed: The real Berkeley Police Department crisis is the lack of reform

When more than half of the employees were being paid over $200,000 a year in 2016, I find it quite insulting that Berkeley Police Association claims that its officers are not being paid enough, especially when some Berkeley teachers are struggling to pay for rent and food each month.

— Alex Li,
UC Berkeley student

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