Reaching the end: 5 survival essentials for the rest of this semester

Erin Haar/Staff

The semester is almost coming to an end. As we’re wrapping up midterms and preparing for our finals, we have to remember to end this semester strong! Don’t give up, Golden Bears. Just a few more weeks to go until you can finally enjoy summer (unless you’re taking summer classes). We at the Clog have compiled a list of essential things you should have in order to survive the last stretch of this semester.


Go to Target or Costco and get yourself a case of tissues. From blowing your nose because of allergies, crying over your midterm scores or regretting not attending lecture, tissues are probably among the most essential items you should have.


As we’re beginning to prepare for our finals, we’re welcoming back late-night study sessions and all-nighters. Healthy snacks are great to have in your residence hall or apartment if you ever get hungry during your study sessions but don’t want to go out and get food.

Course capture

Thank you to whoever thought of broadcasting lectures. We love you. You have probably missed a handful of lectures throughout this semester — it’s OK; you’re not alone. Course captures will save your life in catching up and reviewing material that you’ve missed or need some refreshing on.


You’re probably still crying over your horrendous midterm scores and have lost all hope in your grades for this semester. We at the Clog are here to remind you that there’s still hope out there to revive your grades. Study hard for your finals and maybe you’ll end up with a higher grade than you expected. Resurrection final?


You can’t spell UC Berkeley without happiness! It’s important to maintain your happiness (or gain some) during your last few weeks of the semester. Take a break from studying and do something that’ll take your mind off of school.

We believe you can survive, Golden Bears. Good luck and happy studying!

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