Editors’ Note: Apr. 29

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Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

For this, the last issue of The Weekender this semester, we wanted to theme our issue around a subject on many students’ minds as they enter dead week: education.

Our feature story this week focuses on a group of people who are responsible for a lot of the education happening on UC Berkeley’s campus — graduate students. But recent studies, and interviews and surveys by The Daily Californian, indicate that we need to be doing more to support the graduate students on campus, who suffer from abnormally high rates of depression and anxiety, often precipitated by not being paid enough to live in Berkeley and not having consistent relationships with their advisers. Many Weekender writers helped make this story happen; check it out here.

Meanwhile, staff writer Jacqueline Moran sat down with UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ to talk about the more personal side of her job and her takeaways from her first year on the job.

Other stories this week include interviews with an undergraduate student instructor for a data science connector course, and with a professor and longtime organizer of CalTeach here at UC Berkeley. We tackle the ever-thorny issue of standardized tests such as the SAT, and how professors are dealing with the teaching of authors, artists and art that have been shown to be rooted in misogyny or racism or are created by individuals who have been accused of sexual assault.

We even take a stab at whether our entire education system is built on a flawed principle.

And lastly, in our portfolio section, we have a short story about a student “treading water” in his classes, a personal essay on the “jubilance of juvenility” and a poem inspired when the author read James Joyce’s “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” in English class.

It’s been a great semester, and we hope you’ve enjoyed tagging along with us as we’ve explored themes from the mind to science fiction, narratives and history.

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