Former Cal men’s basketball player Brandon Chauca speaks on dismissal from team

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Former Cal men’s basketball player Brandon Chauca published a blog post Wednesday recounting his side of the events that surrounded his dismissal from the team.

In the blog post, Chauca described the conversation with head coach Wyking Jones that led to his release from the team, as well as reflections on his time with the program.

Chauca was dismissed from the team in June 2017, but he retained his scholarship and financial aid through the completion of his degree. Chauca will graduate from UC Berkeley on Saturday.

In a statement made to The Daily Californian, Cal Athletics said Chauca was dismissed from the men’s basketball program for “a violation of team and university policies.”

“We did not initially disclose the reason for Brandon leaving the team in order to protect his privacy,” Cal Athletics said in the statement. “The reasons for dismissal were clearly communicated to him.”

Chauca, however, alleged in his post that he was given three main reasons from Jones for his dismissal. The first reason, Chauca alleged, was a lack of respect between himself and Jones. The second was an incident in which Chauca brought two women as guests to an end-of-the-year basketball banquet — a matter that Jones allegedly called “extremely disrespectful,” according to Chauca. The third reason was that Jones felt Chauca “would not play that much” during the 2017-18 season.

During his freshman campaign, Chauca saw action in 22 games, averaged 9.5 minutes per game and shot 19 of 47 from the field and 12 of 31 from the three. His time on the court drastically diminished in his sophomore year, and, in his junior season, he was sidelined by a broken wrist.

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  • Richard_Plantagenet

    This dude belonged down at the RSF and nowhere near the court at Haas. There are better players at Berkeley High.

  • jeyhovah

    Sounds like someone who is too proud to admit that his screw ups lead to this outcome. Also, I’m very tired of the identity politics, claiming to represent the filipino and latinx offense but who cares. You either play good basketball or you dont. The self importance and self reference just means to me that pride cometh before the fall. Which happened. He fell.

    “I was a 4th year veteran, and was considered one of the best, if not the best shooter on a team full of extremely accurate perimeter shooters.” Uh, okay dude

  • FakeGunny

    There was that rape investigation involving Chauca with an underage female student in the bathroom of a fraternity . . .

  • s randall

    If he had lost his scholarship, then that would clearly be wrong. He didn’t though.

    When there is a disagreement with the head coach, the coach usually wins.

  • FakeGunny

    Don’t forget the rape investigation in the frat house basement ….

  • unbearable

    Chauca I commend you. This coach is a JERK. It will be interesting to see how current players respond to him this season, obviously, last season they didn’t respond well. Aaaaaarrrrgh!

    • Richard_Plantagenet

      They both suck.