Editors’ note: Goodnight and good luck


Some students traverse the halls of UC Berkeley for only a year. Some for two. Some for four, and some for many more. Some stick it out; some come and go as they please. Some barely graduate. Others pass with ease.

Soon-to-be graduates have seen it all: tuition hikes, protests, housing insecurity — and that’s just before their first fall. Through midterms and problem sets, they’ve all placed their bets. A UC Berkeley degree was worth it (better be, with all these debts).

For however long soon-to-be graduates were here, the impact that UC Berkeley will leave is hard to qualify. So let us offer a final tribute, a send-off, a kind of lullaby.

Karim Doumar, Alexandra Yoon-Hendricks and Dani Sundell are the 2017-2018 editor in chief, managing editor and creative director, respectively.

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