5 reasons why Jack Pearson gets this year’s ‘best dad’ award


Jack Pearson. The man of the hour – eh, more like the man of the century. If you haven’t gotten on board with the popular television show “This is Us,” you’re definitely missing out. The show is filled with laughter and lots and lots of tears. Like A LOT. If you haven’t watched “This is Us,” please stop reading right now! Spoilers coming your way!

Father’s Day is coming up. Who will get the “best dad” award this year? Here are five reasons why Jack Pearson is the best dad/man/overall best human in the world.

1. He does anything to make his wife and kids happy

Where do we even begin to discuss why Jack is literally the best dad in the WORLD?! Before his kids even exited the womb, he was already thinking about their future and how to make their lives the best. Jack and Rebecca were struggling financially to purchase a home that was going to be big enough to house their triplets. Although Jack hates his dad, he sucked up his pride and asked his dad for money in order to afford the house. Let’s not forget — he later built that house with his bare hands! What a man!

2. He’s extremely supportive

Jack has always been supportive of anything his kids decide to do – Kate’s singing, Kevin’s football, Randall’s education. He did pushups with Randall on his back to show that he’ll be there to support him 100 percent.

3. He makes bad situations into better ones

Jack is the king of making any situation, even the worst ones, into memorable ones. Because of unexpected turns (pun intended), the Pearsons had to spend one of their Thanksgivings in a very cheap motel with little to eat. Like the great dad he is, Jack turns this whole situation into one that will soon become a tradition by introducing the character “Pilgrim Rick,” watching “Police Academy 3: Back in Training” and making a Thanksgiving meal out of hot dogs wrapped in cheese and rolled in crushed chips.

4. He has the kindest soul in the world

During Rebecca’s labor, she lost one of her triplets, which left her and Jack downhearted. Because of his kind soul, Jack decided to adopt Randall – a baby who was abandoned at a fire station. In addition to adopting Randall, Jack gave up his dreams of starting his own company, “Big Three Homes,” in order to ensure that his family was going to be financially stable.

5. He loves his kids to death – literally

This is where the tears come falling out of our eyeballs. Jack risked his life and went back into their burning home to save the family dog — not because he loved the dog, but because he “loved the girl who loved the dog.” The cause of his death is speculated to stem from to this exact action. Not only did he go back to save the dog, but he retrieved all his family’s photo albums. Where can we find a man like this?

We all know we can never live up to Jack, but for our fathers and future fathers out there — if you’re ever stuck in a sticky situation, just think, “What would Jack do?” We promise your problems will be solved and maybe, just maybe, you’ll end up winning the “best dad” award.

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