How Islam became my anchor in university

At UC Berkeley, I’ve met peers with more pride in their faith than anyone else I’ve ever met. On this campus, not only do people in my community deal with the day-to-day stressors of academics, but we also face the greater challenges of realizing other parts of our identities — politically, racially, sexually, etc.
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Mental health and being Muslim — can the two coexist?

You see, four months before I moved to Berkeley and started the semester, I was diagnosed with anxiety and clinical depression. Two months before starting the semester, I had just became accustomed to my pills and was becoming so dependent on my therapist, who allowed me to release and express myself in ways I never thought I could.
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Being Muslim and Black at UC Berkeley

I am Muslim. I am Black. I am a Woman. It’s important to remember that our identities aren’t defined by one group but rather multiple factions. This intersectionality is what makes us individuals. At UC Berkeley there is a lack of Muslim students and even fewer Black students, making it hard to find a solid community.
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