Fun things to do when summer classes get you down

Zainab Ali/Senior Staff

Summer classes can feel like a drag. Going to school during our supposed summer break to get classes done early seemed like a good idea during the spring semester, but now that summer has rolled around it feels like we’ve been robbed of our break. But taking classes doesn’t mean you can’t have any summer fun. Here are a few tips for what to do to still have fun while also taking summer classes.

Hike to the Big C

If you are already spending time on the UC Berkeley campus, then why not enjoy the clear skies and sunshine? Not only is there a beautiful view of the bay up top but it is also a short adventure that reminds you that you are spending your summer vacation in the Bay Area, a gorgeous and touristy place to spend the summer.

Read a book

If spending more time than you want to in the outdoors is not your style, then why not go for the other summer past time: reading a book. This isn’t one of the books that you were supposed to read for class — instead, this should be one of the so-called “beach reads.” These fast-paced and enjoyable novels are the perfect escape from the doldrums of summer classes. You can read them in the spaces right before your classes start.

Get ice cream when it gets hot

The weather in Berkeley during the summer seems to be having its highs and lows. During the times when the weather gets spicy, why not get some ice cream to cool down? Not only is it a nice treat, but it is also so iconic to relaxing summer times that it should make you feel like you are in the middle of summer vacation.

Do what you enjoy

Summer vacation is about doing what you want to do and relaxing. Don’t let classes take up all your time and make you forget to do the things you like. Set aside the time, be it a weekend or an afternoon, to do what you want during this summer vacation.

So don’t let those summer classes bog you down — instead take your summer vacation, even if you have to be more creative about when you schedule things because of those classes.

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