Journalism shapes me and shapes you too

I’ve loved words ever since I was little

More than playing outside or eating a Skittle.

Into books I threw my nose,

And into journals my vivid stories rose.


In ninth grade I joined my school’s newspaper staff,

Just because it involved writing and grafs.

But after one semester writing for the paper,

I learned that journalism is a life-shaper.


It shapes me as well as the community —

Journalism connects us and provides opportunity.

A source of knowledge and a platform for thoughts,

Local media outlets certainly do lots.


Recognition of many views,

The good and the bad news,

Makes a community stronger, tighter

And serves more than solely a writer,


Informed residents aren’t just woke —

People in the know are powerful folk.

Societies, they improve

Policies, they move.


Closer to my community, journalism brings me

While also bringing others together, it seems to be.

Journalism allows large and small voices to be heard

And pots all over to be stirred.


As a ninth-grader, journalism represented writing,

But today I realize it’s so much more exciting.

Journalism represents the spread of ideas and insight

And that I realize each time I begin to write.

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